Lincoln Street Fire Station

188 Lincoln St., Lewiston


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Lincoln Street Fire Station Date listed: 3/23/2021

Criterion A: Politics/Government Criterion C: Architecture Period of Significance: 1963 - 64 Local Level of Significance The Lincoln Street Fire Station possesses integrity of location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, feeling and association. Completed in 1964, the fire station is significant on the local level and meets Criterion A for listing in the National Register in the area of Politics/Government for its association with the federal Public Works Acceleration Act (PWAA) of 1962. The Lincoln Street Fire Station is one of only two fire stations built in Maine under the PWAA. It was also the largest of four stations built by the city in the mid-twentieth century (between 1940 and 1965) and is the only remaining historic fire station in the downtown area. The station also meets Criterion C for listing in the National Register in the area of Architecture. Designed by local architect George E. Head, the station is a fine example of an International Style municipal building from the mid-twentieth century and embodies distinctive characteristics of the style in its form, proportions, detailing, and materials. It is also an early example of a fire station with vehicular entrances at both the front and rear of the station - the only historic fire station of this type in Lewiston. The period of significance for the listing is 1963-1964. Construction of the building largely took place in 1963 and was completed and ready for occupancy in 1964. According to the Lewiston annual reports, the federal funding through the PWAA was received in 1963.

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