Lucas County Courthouse Square Historic District

Around the Lucas County Courthouse Square in Charitom, Iowa

50 Contributing buildings around the Lucas County Courthouse


Civil War Memorial

Photo taken by iconions in September 2014




From the National Register Application:

"There are fifty-four contributing resources and sixteen non-contributing resources. The resources in this district were constructed or remodeled between 1867 and 1963 and exhibit a range of commercial styles popular during these nine decades of development. The resources in this district are somewhat varied in terms of use, size, building material, and location (although the majority will be located around the Square). The unifying factor is that each is directly related to the development of Chariton because of its designation as the county seat. It appears that none of the earliest buildings are extant. If examples from the earliest period should be identified in the future, these should be carefully evaluated for National Register eligibility. The earliest buildings would have been of log, and then of wood frame construction. These were replaced as the community grew, and because of natural disasters such as fire. Brick became the building material of choice in the 1850s."


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Lucas County, Iowa (15)

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