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ADVANCE shipwreck (Barge) (Door County, Wisconsin)
ALASKA Shipwreck (Scow Schooner) (Manitowoc County, Wisconsin)
Angustias Shipwreck Site (Monroe County, Florida)
Appomattox (Shipwreck) (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Largest wooden steam freighter on the Great Lakes that ran aground in 1905
ATLANTA (steam screw) Shipwreck (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin)
BROTHER JONATHAN (Shipwreck Site) (Del Norte County, California)
Charles H. Spencer hulk (Coconino County, Arizona)
Chaves Shipwreck Site (Monroe County, Florida)
CHRISTINA NILSSON (shipwreck) (Door County, Wisconsin)
CITY OF HAWKINSVILLE (shipwreck) (Dixie County, Florida)
DANIEL LYONS (Shipwreck) (Kewaunee County, Wisconsin)
El Gallo Indiano Shipwreck Site (Monroe County, Florida)
El Infante Shipwreck Site (Monroe County, Florida)
El Rubi Shipwreck Site (Monroe County, Florida)
Floretta (Manitowoc County, Wisconsin)
Iron Ore Schooner, Foundered off Newton in 1885
FORWARD shipwreck site (motor launch) (Warren County, New York)
GENERAL BUTLER (shipwreck) (Chittenden County, Vermont)
Georges Valentine Shipwreck Site (Martin County, Florida)
GRACE A. CHANNON (canaller) Shipwreck (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
GRAPE SHOT (schooner) Shipwreck (Door County, Wisconsin)
GRECIAN Shipwreck Site (Alpena County, Michigan)
HALF MOON (shipwreck) (Miami-Dade County, Florida)
Herrara Shipwreck Site (Monroe County, Florida)
HETTY TAYLOR (shipwreck) (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin)
IRIS (Shipwreck) (Door County, Wisconsin)
JOSEPH S. FAY Shipwreck Site (Presque Isle County, Michigan)
JOYS (Shipwreck) (Door County, Wisconsin)
KATE KELLY (Shipwreck) (Racine County, Wisconsin)
KYLE SPANGLER (schooner) Shipwreck Site (Presque Isle County, Michigan)
LASALLE Shipwreck (schooner) (Manitowoc County, Wisconsin)
Lofthus (shipwreck) (Palm Beach County, Florida)
LOOKOUT (schooner) Shipwreck (Manitowoc County, Wisconsin)
MARQUETTE (shipwreck) (Ashland County, Wisconsin)
NOQUEBAY (Schooner--Barge) Shipwreck Site (Ashland County, Wisconsin)
NORMAN (shipwreck) (Presque Isle County, Michigan)
O.J. WALKER (shipwreck) (Chittenden County, Vermont)
OCEAN WAVE (Shipwreck) (Door County, Wisconsin)
OTTAWA (Tug) Shipwreck Site (Bayfield County, Wisconsin)
PEWABIC (propeller) Shipwreck Site (Alpena County, Michigan)
PHOENIX (Shipwreck) (Chittenden County, Vermont)
Regina Shipwreck Site (Manatee County, Florida)
Robert J. Walker - shipwreck and remains (Atlantic County, New Jersey)
Rosinco (Kenosha County, Wisconsin)
ROUSE SIMMONS (Shipwreck) (Manitowoc County, Wisconsin)
Schooner lost in 1912
S.C. BALDWIN Shipwreck (barge) (Manitowoc County, Wisconsin)
San Francisco Shipwreck Site (Monroe County, Florida)
SAN PEDRO (shipwreck) (Monroe County, Florida)
Selah Chamberlain (bulk carrier) Shipwreck (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin)
SILVER LAKE (scow-schooner) Shipwreck (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin)
SPORT (tug) Shipwreck Site (Sanilac County, Michigan)
SS COPENHAGEN (shipwreck) (Broward County, Florida)
SS EMIDIO (Del Norte County, California)
World War II shipwreck
SS POMONA (Shipwreck) (Sonoma County, California)
SS Senator (steam screw) Shipwreck (Ozaukee County, Wisconsin)
A ship loaded with brand new Nash automobiles. Actual Location Restricted
SS Tarpon (Shipwreck) (Bay County, Florida)
Sueco de Arizon Shipwreck Site (Monroe County, Florida)
TAHOE (Shipwreck) (Douglas County, Nevada)
TENNIE AND LAURA (Shipwreck) (Ozaukee County, Wisconsin)
Tennie and Laura sank August 1, 1903 in 325 feet of water
Tres Puentes Shipwreck Site (Monroe County, Florida)
Tubal Cain (barque) Shipwreck (Manitowoc County, Wisconsin)
URCA DE LIMA (shipwreck) (St. Lucie County, Florida)
USS Inaugural (St. Louis, Missouri)
Wreckage of the USS Inaugural
USS MASSACHUSETTS--BB-2 (shipwreck) (Escambia County, Florida)
Vamar Shipwreck Site (Bay County, Florida)
WAR EAGLE Shipwreck (sidewheel steamboat) (La Crosse County, Wisconsin)
Wreck of the Peter Iredale (Clatsop County, Oregon)
In Fort Stevens State Park