Hampden County, Massachusetts

Academy Historic District (District)   [Map]
Mountain Rd., Main and Faculty Sts., Wilbraham, Massachusetts
Agawam Center Historic District (District)   [Map]
24-196 Elm St.; 551-1008 Main St., Agawam, Massachusetts
Also known as: Main and Elm Streets Historic District
Al's Diner (Diner)   [Map · Street View]
14 Yelle St., Chicopee, Massachusetts
Also known as: Al's Diner
Ames Hill/Crescent Hill District (District)   [Map]
Bounded by sections of Central, Maple, Mill, and Pine Sts., Crescent Hill, Ames Hill Drive, and Maple Ct., Springfield, Massachusetts
Ames Manufacturing Company (Industrial building)   [Map]
5-7 Springfield St., Chicopee, Massachusetts
Also known as: Ames Mills
Apremont Triangle Historic District (District)   [Map]
Jct. Pearl, Hillman, Bridge, and Chestnut, Springfield, Massachusetts
Bangs Block (Commercial building)   [Map]
1119 Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Baystate Corset Block (Industrial building)   [Map]
395-405 Dwight St. and 99 Taylor St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Belle and Franklin Streets Historic District (District)   [Map]
77--103 Belle St. and 240--298 Franklin St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Bicycle Club Building (Building)   [Map]
264-270 Worthington St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Bijou Theater (Theater)
Movie theater built in 1913 demolished in 1959
Blandford, Massachusetts (Populated place)   [Map]

Brimfield Center Historic District (District)   [Map]
Main St., Brookfled, Wales, Sturbridge and Warren Rds., Brimfield, Massachusetts
Burbach Block (Commercial building)   [Map]
1113-1115 Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Cabotville Common Historic District (District)   [Map]
School, Chestnut, Park and West Sts., Chicopee, Massachusetts
Caledonia Building (Commercial building)   [Map]
185-193 High St., Holyoke, Massachusetts
Also known as: Crafts Building
Capt. Charles Leonard House (House)   [Map]
663 Main St., Agawam, Massachusetts
Carlton House Block (Industrial building)   [Map]
9-13 Hampden St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Carreau Block (Residential building)   [Map]
640-642 Chicopee St., Chicopee, Massachusetts
Chapin National Bank Building (Bank)   [Map]
1675-1677 Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Chapin School (School)   [Map · Street View]
40 Meadow St., Chicopee, Massachusetts
Charlie's Diner (Diner)   [Map · Street View]
Fodero Dining Car Company diner in West Springfield.
Chester Center Historic District (District)   [Map]
Skyline Trail at intersection of Bromley and Lyman Rds., Chester, Massachusetts
Chester Factory Village Historic District (District)   [Map]
Roughly bounded by Middlefield Rd., River, Main, and Maple Sts., US 20, and Williams St., Chester, Massachusetts
City Hall (City hall)   [Map]
Market Sq., Chicopee, Massachusetts
Clovis Robert Block (Residential building)   [Map]
338-348 Main St., Holyoke, Massachusetts
Colonial Block (Meeting hall)   [Map]
1139-55 Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Court Square Historic District (District)   [Map]
Bounded by Main, State, Broadway, Pynchon Sts. and City HallPl., Springfield, Massachusetts
Cutler and Porter Block (Industrial building)   [Map]
109 Lyman St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: Cutler and Porter Company
Day And Night Diner (Diner)   [Map · Street View]
Classic Worcester Lunch Car Company diner in Palmer
Also known as: Worcester Lunch Car Company #781
Downtown Springfield Railroad District (District)   [Map]
Roughly bounded by Lyman, Main, Murray, and Spring Sts., Springfield, Massachusetts
Driscoll's Block (Commercial building)   [Map]
211-13 Worthington St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Dwight Manufacturing Company Housing District (District)   [Map]
Front, Depot, Dwight, Exchange, Chestnut Sts., Chicopee, Massachusetts
Edward Bellamy House (House)   [Map]
91-93 Church St., Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts
Elijah Burt House (House)   [Map]
201 Chestnut St., East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
Also known as: Bergamini,Thomas,House
Elmwood, Massachusetts (Populated place)   [Map]

Ethel Apartment House (Residential building)   [Map]
70 Patton St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Federal Square Historic District (District)   [Map · Street View]
1 Federal St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Feeding Hills, Massachusetts (Populated place)   [Map]

First Church of Christ, Congregational (Church)   [Map]
50 Elm St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: (Fourth) First Church Congregational
First Congregational Church of Blandford (Church)   [Map]
North St., Blandford, Massachusetts
Also known as: Old White Church
First Congregational Church of East Longmeadow (Church)   [Map]
7 Somers Rd., East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
Also known as: Meeting House of the Third Religious Society of Longmeadow
Fitzgerald's Stearns Square Block (Bank)   [Map]
300-308 Bridge St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Forest Park Heights Historic District (District)   [Map]
Off MA 21, Springfield, Massachusetts
French Congregational Church (Church)   [Map]
33-37 Bliss St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Friedrich Block (Residential building)   [Map]
449-461 Main St., Holyoke, Massachusetts
Fuller Block (Commercial building)   [Map]
1531-1545 Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Granville Center Historic District (District)   [Map]
Main Rd., Granville, Massachusetts
Granville Village Historic District (District)   [Map]
Roughly, area around jct. of Maple St. and Main and Granby Rds., including part of Water St., Granville, Massachusetts
Granville, Massachusetts (Populated place)   [Map]

Guenther & Handel's Block (Commercial building)   [Map]
7--9 Stockbridge St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Gunn and Hubbard Blocks (Commercial building)   [Map]
463-477 State St., Springfield, Massachusetts
H. M. Van Deusen Whip Company (Industrial building)   [Map]
42 Arnold St., Westfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: Stanley Home Products Company
Hadley Falls Company Housing District (District)   [Map]
Center, N. Canal, Grover, and Lyman Sts., Holyoke, Massachusetts
Hampden County Courthouse (Courthouse)   [Map]
Elm St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Hampden Savings Bank (Bank)   [Map]
1665 Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Hampden, Massachusetts (Populated place)   [Map]

Haynes Hotel Waters Building (Hotel)   [Map]
1386-1402 Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Henking Hotel and Cafe (Hotel)   [Map]
15-21 Lyman St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Hiberian Block (Building)   [Map]
345-349 Worthington St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Holyoke Canal System (Power plant)   [Map]
Front and South St. and CT River, Holyoke, Massachusetts
Holyoke City Hall (City hall)   [Map]
536 Dwight St., Holyoke, Massachusetts
Holyoke Merry-Go-Round (Carousel)   [Map · Street View]
Carousel at Holyoke Heritage State Park
Also known as: PTC #80
Indian Orchard Branch Library (Library)   [Map]
44 Oak St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Indian Orchard, Massachusetts (Populated place)   [Map]

Jacob Thompson House (House)   [Map · Street View]
7 Main St., Monson, Massachusetts
Joseph Dewey House (House)   [Map]
87 S. Maple St., Westfield, Massachusetts
Josiah Day House (House)   [Map]
70 Park St., West Springfield, Massachusetts
Julia Sanderson Theater (Theater)   [Map · Street View]
1676-1708 Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: Paramount Theater
Kennedy-Worthington Blocks (Industrial building)   [Map]
1585-1623 Main St. and 166-190 Worthington St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: Wilkinson and Wright Blocks
Kenwyn Apartments (Residential building)   [Map]
6 Kenwood Park & 413--415 Belmont Ave., Springfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: Kenwyn Park
Laflin--Phelps Homestead (House)   [Map]
20 depot St., Southwick, Massachusetts
Landlord Fowler Tavern (Building)   [Map]
171 Main St., Westfield, Massachusetts
Laurel Hall (Meeting hall)   [Map]
72--74 Patton St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Longmeadow Historic District (District)   [Map]
Roughly Longmeadow St. from Birdie Rd. to Wheelmeadow Brook, Longmeadow, Massachusetts
Also known as: The Green
Longmeadow Street--North Historic District (District)   [Map]
Bounded by Longmeadow St., Springfield Town Line, Westmoreland Ave. and Colley Dr., Longmeadow, Massachusetts
Ludlow Center Historic District (District)   [Map]
Along Center, Church and Booth Sts., Ludlow, Massachusetts
Ludlow Village Historic District (District)   [Map]
Roughly bounded by Winsor, Sewall and State Sts. and the Chicopee R. and crossing the Chicopee R. above Red Bridge Rd., Ludlow, Massachusetts
Maple-Union Corners (School)   [Map]
77, 83, 76-78, 80-84 Maple St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Maplewood Hotel (Hotel)   [Map]
328-330 Maple St., Holyoke, Massachusetts
Also known as: Home Information Center
Masonic Temple (Building)   [Map · Street View]
339-341 State St., Springfield, Massachusetts
McIntosh Building (Industrial building)   [Map]
158-64 Chestnut St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: McIntosh Shoe Co.
McKinney Building (Meeting hall)   [Map]
1121-27 Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts
McKnight District (District)   [Map]
Roughly bounded by Penn Central, State St., the Armory, and includes both sides of Campus Pl., and Dartmouth St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Mechanic Street Cemetery (Cemetery)   [Map]
Mechanic St., Westfield, Massachusetts
Memorial Square District (District)   [Map]
Main and Plainfield Sts., Springfield, Massachusetts
Memorial Town Hall (City hall)   [Map]
Main St., Monson, Massachusetts
Also known as: Town Hall
Mills--Hale--Owen Blocks (Residential building)   [Map]
959--991 Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Mills-Stebbins Villa (House)   [Map]
3 Crescent Hill, Springfield, Massachusetts
Milton-Bradley Company (Industrial building)   [Map]
Park, Cross, and Willow Sts., Springfield, Massachusetts
Monson, Massachusetts (Populated place)   [Map]

Morgan Block (Commercial building)   [Map]
313-333 Bridge St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Myrtle Street School (School)   [Map]
64 Myrtle St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Noble and Cooley Drum Co. (Factory)   [Map]
The oldest drum manufacturing company in the United States, in Granville
North High Street Historic District (District)   [Map]
High St. between Dwight and Lyman Sts., Holyoke, Massachusetts
Octagon House (House)   [Map · Street View]
28 King St., Westfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: Watson-Steiger-Loomis House
Olmsted-Hixon-Albion Block (Industrial building)   [Map]
1645-1659 Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Palmer Memorial Hall (Meeting hall)   [Map]
1029 Central St., Palmer, Massachusetts
Also known as: Palmer Senoir Center
Patton and Loomis Block (Commercial building)   [Map]
1628-40 Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Patton Building (Commercial building)   [Map]
15-19 Hampden St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Paucatuck, Massachusetts (Placename)   [Map]

Plainville, Massachusetts (Placename)   [Map]

Polish National Home (Meeting hall)   [Map]
136-144 Cabot St., Chicopee, Massachusetts
Produce Exchange Building (Building)   [Map]
194-206 Chestnut and 115-125 Lyman St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Prospect Hill School (School)   [Map]
33 Montgomery St., Westfield, Massachusetts
Prospect Park (Park)   [Map]
Maple St., Arbor Way, Connecticut R, Holyoke, Massachusetts
Also known as: Pulaski Park, Kerry Park
Purchase--Ferre House (House)   [Map]
1289 Main St., Agawam, Massachusetts
Also known as: Jonathan Purchase House
Quadrangle-Mattoon Street Historic District (District)   [Map]
Bounded by Chestnut St. to the W, State St. to the S, and includes properties on Mattoon, Salem, Edwards and Elliot Sts., Springfield, Massachusetts
Radding Building (Meeting hall)   [Map]
143-147 State St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Republican Block (Commercial building)   [Map]
1365 Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: Brigham's Block
Route 66 Diner (Commercial building)   [Map · Street View]
950 Bay St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: Mountain View Diner #532, New Bay Diner Restaurant
Russell Center Historic District (District)   [Map]
Jct. of Main and Lincoln Ave., Russell, Massachusetts
Sanford Whip Factory (Factory)   [Map]
330 Elm St., Westfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: Advance Whip and Novelty Company
Smith Carriage Company District (District)   [Map]
Bounded by Main, Peabody, Willow, and Park Sts., Springfield, Massachusetts
Smith's Building (Commercial building)   [Map]
201-207 Worthington St., Springfield, Massachusetts
South Congregational Church (Church)   [Map]
45 Maple St., Springfield, Massachusetts
South Main Street School (School)   [Map]
11 Acushnet Ave., Springfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: Acushnet Avenue School
Southwick, Massachusetts (Populated place)   [Map]

Springfield Armory National Historic Site (District)   [Map]
Armory Sq., Springfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: Springfield Armory National Historic Site, Armory Square
Springfield District Court (Courthouse)   [Map]
1600 E. Columbus Ave., Springfield, Massachusetts
Springfield Fire & Marine Insurance Co. (Commercial building)   [Map]
195 State St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Springfield Safe Deposit and Trust Company (Bank)   [Map]
127-131 State St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: Community Music School of Springfield
Springfield Steam Power Company Block (Power plant)   [Map]
51-59 Taylor St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Springfield Street Historic District (District)   [Map]
Roughly bounded by Springfield St., Gaylord St. and Fairview Ave., Chicopee, Massachusetts
St John's Congregational Church & Parsonage-Parish for Working Girls (Church)   [Map · Street View]
69 Hancock St., Springfield, Massachusetts
St. Joseph's Church (Church)   [Map]
Howard St. and E. Columbus Ave., Springfield, Massachusetts
Stacy Building (Industrial building)   [Map]
41-43 Taylor St., Springfield, Massachusetts
State Armory (Armory)   [Map]
29 Howard St., Springfield, Massachusetts
State Normal Training School (School)   [Map · Street View]
Washington St., Westfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: Washington Street School
Stearns Building (Commercial building)   [Map]
289-309 Bridge St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Storrowton Village Museum (Museum)   [Map]
An authentic, recreated village of 18th and 19th century buildings.
Swetland-Pease House (House)   [Map]
SE of East Longmeadow at 191 Pease Rd., East Longmeadow, Massachusetts
Thomas and Esther Smith House (House)   [Map]
251 North West St., Agawam, Massachusetts
Also known as: Mathew Noble House
Thomas D. Page House (Meeting hall)   [Map]
105 East St., Chicopee, Massachusetts
Also known as: Belcher Lodge, Masonic Temple
Thornton W. Burgess House (House)   [Map]
789 Main St., Hampden, Massachusetts
Also known as: Laughing Brook Education and Wildlife Sanctuary
Trinity Block (Commercial building)   [Map]
266-84 Bridge St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Union Station (Railroad depot)   [Map]
Depot St., Palmer, Massachusetts
Union Trust Company Building (Bank)   [Map]
1351 Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts
United Electric Co. Building (Commercial building)   [Map]
73 State St., Springfield, Massachusetts
United States Whip Company Complex (Industrial building)   [Map]
24 Main St., Westfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: United States Line Company Complex
Upper Worthington Historic District (District)   [Map]
Worthington, Federal, Summit and Armory Sts., Springfield, Massachusetts
US Post Office--Holyoke Main (Post office)   [Map]
650 Dwight St., Holyoke, Massachusetts
Also known as: Holyoke Main Post Office
US Post Office--Palmer Main (Post office)   [Map]
Park and Central Sts., Palmer, Massachusetts
Also known as: Palmer Main Post Office
Valentine School (School)   [Map]
Grape and Elm Sts., Chicopee, Massachusetts
Also known as: Grape Street School
W C A Boarding House (Hotel)   [Map]
19 Bliss St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Wait Guidepost (Monument)   [Map]
A cast-metal replica of the original guisepost now in the Masonic Temple in Springfield.
Walker Building (Commercial building)   [Map]
1228-1244 Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Wason-Springfield Steam Power Blocks (Industrial building)   [Map]
27-43 Lyman St. and 26-50 Taylor St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Water Shops Armory (Armory)   [Map]
1 Allen St., Springfield, Massachusetts
Wells Block (Hotel)   [Map]
250-264 Worthington St., Springfield, Massachusetts
West Farms/Wyben School (School)   [Map · Street View]
One-room schoolhouse undergoing restoration by the Westfield Historical Commission, in Westfield
West Granville Historic District (District)   [Map]
Roughly, Main Rd. from W of Beach Hill Rd. to South Ln. No. 2, Granville, Massachusetts
Westfield Center Commercial Historic District (District)
91-115, 100-174 Elm St., Westfield, Massachusetts
Westfield Milestone (Monument)   [Map · Street View]
Stone milestone in Park Square, Westfield
Westfield Municipal Building (School)   [Map]
59 Court St., Westfield, Massachusetts
Also known as: State Normal School
Westfield Whip Manufacturing Company (Industrial building)   [Map]
360 Elm St., Westfield, Massachusetts
Whitcomb Warehouse (Building)   [Map]
32-34 Hampden St., Springfield, Massachusetts
William Norcross House (House)   [Map]
14 Cushman St., Monson, Massachusetts
Willy's Overland Block (Commercial building)   [Map]
151-157 Chestnut and 10-20 Winter Sts., Springfield, Massachusetts
Winchester Square Historic District (District)   [Map]
U.S. 20, Springfield, Massachusetts
Wistariahurst (House)   [Map]
238 Cabot St., Holyoke, Massachusetts
Also known as: Holyoke Museum of Natural History and Art
Worthy Hotel (Hotel)   [Map · Street View]
1571 Main St., Springfield, Massachusetts