Muskegon County, Michigan

Amazon Hosiery Mill (Mill)   [Map]
530--550 W. Western Ave., Muskegon, Michigan
Also known as: Amazon Knitting Mill
Central Fire Station (Fire station)   [Map]
Decommissioned fire station now serving as a private office complex
Charles H. Hackley House (House)   [Map]
Large three-story frame Queen Anne house, open for touring
Horatio N. Hovey House (House)   [Map]
Former residence now serving as an office building
Also known as: Houston House
Hume House (House)   [Map]
Queen Anne Mansion, Open for Touring
Muskegon Historic District (District)   [Map]
Historic District containing several major commercial, churches, and residential buildings
Muskegon South Breakwater Light (Lighthouse)   [Map]
At south breakwater end in Lake Michigan, 0.4 mi. SW of Muskegon Lake entry channel, Muskegon, Michigan
Also known as: Muskegon Breakwater Front Range Light
Muskegon South Pierhead Light (Lighthouse)   [Map]
S pier of Muskegon Lake entrance channel at Lake Michigan, 500 ft. from shore, Muskegon, Michigan
Muskegon YMCA Building (Building)   [Map]
297 W. Clay Ave., Muskegon, Michigan
Also known as: Muskegon Young Family Christian Association Building
Navigation Structures at White Lake Harbor (Structure)   [Map]
Piers at White Lake
SS Milwaukee Clipper (Museum)   [Map]
Built as the Juniata in 1904, Rebuilt as the SS Milwaukee Clipper in 1941
Also known as: SS Clipper, SS Juniata
Union Depot (Railroad depot)   [Map]
610 Western Ave., Muskegon, Michigan
USS Silversides (Vessel)   [Map]
WWII Submarine Preserved as a Museum
Also known as: SS-236