Boston North, Massachusetts, 7.5-minute Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Almshouse (Building)
Austin Hall (School)
Beebe Estate (Estate)
Bennink--Douglas Cottages (Residential building)
Bertram Hall at Radcliffe College (Residential building)
Bigelow Block (Residential building)
Boston Naval Shipyard (Military facility)
Brabrook, E. H., House (Residential building)
Bunker Hill Monument (Battle site)
Central Library (Library)
Christ Church (Church)
Cloverden (House)
Colonial Beacon Gas Station (Service station)
Congregation Agudath Shalom (Place of worship)
Divinity Hall (School)
Dow Block (Commercial building)
Downer Rowhouses (Adams Street) (Residential building)
Downer Rowhouses (Central Street) (Residential building)
Dunvegan, The (Residential building)
Eliot Hall at Radcliffe College (Residential building)
Farrier, Amasa, Boardinghouse (Residential building)
Henderson Carriage Repository (Commercial building)
Highland, The (Residential building)
Hollander Blocks (Residential building)
House at 16--18 Preston Road (Residential building)
House at 343 Highland Avenue (Residential building)
House at 35 Temple Street (Residential building)
Houses at 28--36 Beacon Street (Residential building)
Jarvis, The (Residential building)
Langmaid Building (Residential building)
Langmaid Terrace (Residential building)
Larrabee's Brick Block (Commercial building)
Lovell Block (Residential building)
Lynnwood (House)
Montrose, The (Residential building)
Montvale, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Odd Fellows Building (Meeting hall)
Oddfellows Building (Commercial building)
Old Cemetery (Cemetery)
Peabody Court Apartments (Residential building)
Powder House Park (Military facility)
Rosebud, The (Diner)
Saugus Town Hall (City hall)
Shoe Shop-Doucette Ten Footer (Industrial building)
Somerville Journal Building (Commercial building)
South School (School)
Steele, John, House (Residential building)
Stoneham Firestation (Fire station)
Waitt Brick Block (Commercial building)
Wright House (House)