Harrodsburg, Kentucky, 1:125,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Adams House (House)
Arcadia (House)
Aspen Hall (Meeting hall)
Baldin House (House)
Barlow House (House)
Battle, Kentucky (Placename)
Boise House (House)
Bonta House (House)
Bower House (House)
Bryant House (House)
Burford Hill (House)
Burris House (House)
Butler's Tavern (Building)
Camp Nelson (Military cemetery)
Camp Nelson National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Cardwellton (House)
Carry A. Nation House (Burial site)
Clay Hill (House)
Crawford Spring (Historic marker)
Curd House (House)
Curry, Kentucky (Placename)
Dalton House (House)
Danville National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Day of Perryville (Historic marker)
Denny Place (House)
Doricham (House)
Dunnlora, Kentucky (Placename)
Dutch Barn (Barn)
Elms, The (House)
Fairview (House)
Forest Hill (House)
Garrard County Jail (Correctional facility)
Gentry House (House)
Grand Theatre (Theater)
Greystone (House)
Guy, Kentucky (Placename)
Hilldale, Kentucky (Placename)
Hoover House (House)
Houchin, Kentucky (Placename)
Hughes House (House)
Lane Farm (Farm)
Lucto, Kentucky (Placename)
Lucton, Kentucky (Placename)
Lynnwood, Kentucky (Placename)
Male Academy (School)
McGee House (House)
Melrose (House)
Meuxtown, Kentucky (Placename)
Millwood (House)
Morgan Row (Commercial building)
Munday's Landing (Commercial building)
Oak Hill, Kentucky (Placename)
Oakdale, Kentucky (Placename)
Old Prentice Distillery (Industrial building)
Pekin, Kentucky (Placename)
Perryville Battlefield (Military cemetery)
Petrie House (House)
Rankin Place (House)
Ray House (House)
Red Oak, Kentucky (Placename)
Rosel Hotel (Hotel)
Roselawn (House)
Salvisa, Kentucky (Populated place)
Sandy Bluff (House)
Scott House (House)
Shady Grove (House)
Sharp House (House)
Shawnee Springs (Military cemetery)
Sidney, Kentucky (Placename)
Southern Railway Caboose (Railroad vehicle)
Stanford Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Thornwood (House)
Twin Hills Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Walden Place (House)
Waveland (House)
Waveland (House)
Wildwood (House)
Woodland (House)
Wyndehurst (House)
Young House (House)