Boston, Massachusetts, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

1767 Milestones (Monument)
Abbotsford (House)
Adams Academy (School)
Adams Building (Residential building)
Adams, Elwood, Store (Commercial building)
Adriatic Mills (Military facility)
African Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Ahern, Catherine, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Allyn House (House)
Almshouse (Building)
Almshouse (Building)
Alumni Stadium (Stadium)
American Watch Tool Company (Industrial building)
Ames Building (Commercial building)
Anderson, Ludwig, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Arcade Building (Commercial building)
Armsby Block (Residential building)
Ashland Town House (City hall)
Ashland, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Assington (House)
Athenaeum Press (Industrial building)
Aurora Hotel (Hotel)
Austin Hall (School)
Avon, Massachusetts (Populated place)
B and B Chemical Company (Industrial building)
Babcock Block (Commercial building)
Baker, Charles, Property (Residential building)
Baker, Peter, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Barlin Acres (House)
Barnes House (House)
Barnicoat, S. H., Monuments (Industrial building)
Battelle, Marion, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Bay Road (Monument)
Bayley House (House)
Bedford Building (Commercial building)
Bedford Depot (Railroad depot)
Bedford, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Beebe Estate (Estate)
Bellevue Standpipe (Water tower)
Bellingham, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Belmont Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Bemis Mill (Mill)
Bennink--Douglas Cottages (Residential building)
Berger Factory (Factory)
Bertram Hall at Radcliffe College (Residential building)
Beth Israel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Bigelow Block (Residential building)
Black Tavern (House)
Bliss Building (Residential building)
Blodgett, Lydia, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Bloomingdale Firehouse (Fire station)
Bolton, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Boston Athenaeum (Building)
Boston Naval Shipyard (Military facility)
Bostrom, Eric, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Boulevard Diner (Commercial building)
Bousquet, Henry, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Bowers School (School)
Boylston, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Boynton and Windsor (Residential building)
Brabrook, E. H., House (Residential building)
Brattle Hall (Meeting hall)
Brigham Cemetery (Cemetery)
Brightside Apartments (Residential building)
Brockton City Hall (City hall)
Brook Farm (Farm)
Buckman Tavern (Battle site)
Building at 1--6 Walnut Terrace (Residential building)
Building at 1--7 Moscow Street (Residential building)
Building at 106-108 Inman St (Residential building)
Building at 110-112 Inman St. (Residential building)
Building at 30--34 Station Street (Commercial building)
Building at 51 Hunt Street (Residential building)
Buildings at 15-17 Lee St. (Residential building)
Bunker Hill Monument (Battle site)
Butler Block (Residential building)
Buttrick, Francis, House (Residential building)
Canton, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Carlson, Eric, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Castle, The (School)
Centerville, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Central Fire Station (Fire station)
Central Library (Library)
Chapinville, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Chestnut Hill Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Chestnut Hill, The (Residential building)
Christ Church (Church)
Christ Church (Church)
City Stable and Garage (Service station)
Clapp Houses (House)
Clark House (House)
Clark Houses (House)
Clough, Benjamin F., House (Residential building)
Cloverden (House)
Codman Building (Building)
Codman House (House)
Colburn, Gilbert, House (Residential building)
Colby Hall (School)
Cole House (House)
Collins Building (Commercial building)
Colonial Beacon Gas Station (Service station)
Colton's Block (Commercial building)
Comfort Station (Building)
Congregation Adath Jeshurun (Place of worship)
Congregation Agudath Shalom (Place of worship)
Copley Plaza (Hotel)
Copp's Hill Burial Ground (Military cemetery)
Corner Lunch (Commercial building)
Crabtree, Thomas, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Craigie Arms (Residential building)
Cranch School (School)
Crompton Loom Works (Industrial building)
Curtis Building (Commercial building)
Damon House (House)
Damon Mill (Mill)
Davis, Rodney, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Davis, Wesley, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Deane-Williams House (Residential building)
Dedham, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Delsignore, Louis, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Dill Building (Industrial building)
Divinity Hall (School)
Dodge, Helen, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Doran, Thomas F., Three-Decker (Residential building)
Dorchester Pottery Works (Industrial building)
Dorothy Q Apartments (Residential building)
Douglass, Alfred, House (Residential building)
Dover, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Dow Block (Commercial building)
Downer Rowhouses (Adams Street) (Residential building)
Downer Rowhouses (Central Street) (Residential building)
Drew, Elvira, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Duke, Philip, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Dunvegan, The (Residential building)
Dupee Estate (Estate)
Dutch House, The (Commercial building)
Dworman, David, Three-Decker (Residential building)
East Foxboro, Massachusetts (Populated place)
East Walpole, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Easton, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Echo Bridge (Bridge)
Eddy Block (Commercial building)
Eliot Hall (School)
Eliot Hall at Radcliffe College (Residential building)
Elks Building (Meeting hall)
Elm Bank (Bank)
Elm Park (Park)
Elmwood (House)
Emmanuel Baptist (Building)
Engine 7 Station (Fire station)
Engine House No. 34 (Fire station)
Erikson, Knut, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Exchange Hall (Meeting hall)
Fairlawn (House)
Faneuil Hall (Meeting hall)
Farnum Block (Meeting hall)
Farrier, Amasa, Boardinghouse (Residential building)
Faxon House (House)
Fenway Studios (Residential building)
Fernwood (House)
Filene's Department Store (Commercial building)
Fire Station No. 7 (Fire station)
Flagg, Levi, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Flint House (House)
Fogg Art Museum (Building)
Fontaine, George, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Forbes Hill Standpipe (Water tower)
Foxboro Grange Hall (Meeting hall)
Foxboro, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Foxvale, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Frances and Isabella Apartments (Residential building)
Franklin Block (Meeting hall)
Friberg, Andrew, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Friends Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Fuller, Peter, Building (Commercial building)
G.A.R. Hall (Meeting hall)
Gibbs, William, House (Residential building)
Giguere, Thomas, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Gilbrae Inn (Hotel)
Gillon Block (Commercial building)
Gilman Block (Industrial building)
Glover House (House)
Goldberg Building (Industrial building)
Goldsmith Block (Residential building)
Goldthwaite Block (Commercial building)
Goodnow Library (Library)
Gore Place (House)
Grafton Inn (Commercial building)
Granite Store (Commercial building)
Gullberg, Evert, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Hadley, Gilbert, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Hall Tavern (Building)
Hall, Charles A., Three-Decker (Residential building)
Halloran, John, House (Residential building)
Hamilton, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Hancock Cemetery (Cemetery)
Hapgood, Richard, House (Residential building)
Harrington Block (Commercial building)
Harris Warehouse (Railroad facility)
Harvard Square Subway Kiosk (Railroad facility)
Harvard Stadium (Stadium)
Harvard Union (School)
Hayden Building (Theater)
Henderson Carriage Repository (Commercial building)
Hibernian Hall (Meeting hall)
Highland Hose House (Fire station)
Highland, The (Residential building)
Hirst, Samuel, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Hoar Tavern (Building)
Holbrook, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Hollander Blocks (Residential building)
Hope Cemetery (Cemetery)
Hopkinton Supply Co. Building (Commercial building)
House at 12--16 Corey Road (Residential building)
House at 16--18 Preston Road (Residential building)
House at 20 Sterling Street (Residential building)
House at 343 Highland Avenue (Residential building)
House at 35 Temple Street (Residential building)
Houses at 28--36 Beacon Street (Residential building)
Howard Block (Commercial building)
Howe House (House)
Hudson House (House)
Hudson, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Hunt, Daniel, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Hunt, David, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Hyde House (House)
Hydrant No. 3 House (Fire station)
I00F Building (Building)
Ingraham, Harry B., Three-Decker (Residential building)
Jarvis, The (Residential building)
Jenckes Mansion (Mansion)
Jenckes, E. N., Store (Commercial building)
Johnson, Edwin, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Johnson, John, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Johnson, Paul, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Jones Tavern (House)
Kaller, Erick, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Kaller, Erick, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Katz and Leavitt Apartment House (Residential building)
Kennedy, F. A., Steam Bakery (Industrial building)
King House (House)
King's Chapel (Church)
Knollwood (House)
Lamson, Rufus, House (Residential building)
Lancaster, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Langmaid Building (Residential building)
Langmaid Terrace (Residential building)
Larches, The (Building)
Larchmont (House)
Larrabee's Brick Block (Commercial building)
Larson, Swan, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Lawrence Model Lodging Houses (Residential building)
Leather District (District)
Levenson, Morris, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Lexington Green (Battle site)
Lexington, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Lightship No. 112, NANTUCKET (Military facility)
Linton Block (Residential building)
Linwood, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Locke School (School)
Locke, Lt. Benjamin, Store (Commercial building)
Locke--Ober Restaurant (Commercial building)
Lord's Castle (Castle)
Lou's Diner (Diner)
Lovell Block (Residential building)
Lowell School (School)
Lowell, The (House)
Lundberg, Charles, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Lyman Block (Commercial building)
Lynnwood (House)
Magnuson, Charles, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Manchaug, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Mark, John, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Martin, Aaron, Houses (Residential building)
Mary Dean Three-Decker (Residential building)
Masonic Temple (Meeting hall)
Masonic Temple (Building)
Massachusetts Statehouse (Capitol building)
Massad, Anthony, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Maynard, Massachusetts (Populated place)
McCarron, Andrew, Three-Decker (Residential building)
McDermott, John B., Three-Decker (Residential building)
McGrath, Patrick, Three-Decker (Residential building)
McGuinness, Patrick, Three-Decker (Residential building)
McPartland, Frank, Three-Decker (Residential building)
McPartland, James, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Mechanics Hall (Meeting hall)
Medway, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Memorial Hall (Meeting hall)
Memorial Hall (Meeting hall)
Mendon, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Milestone (Monument)
Milestone (Monument)
Milestone (Monument)
Milford Town Hall (City hall)
Millbury, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Millis, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Milton Cemetery (Cemetery)
Miss Worcester Diner (Commercial building)
Montrose, The (Residential building)
Montvale (House)
Montvale, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Moore House (House)
Morse, Amos, House (Residential building)
Munroe Building (Commercial building)
Munroe, Sarah, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Murphy, Patrick, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Mystic Gatehouse (Waterworks)
Nazing Court Apartments (Residential building)
Nelson, Christina, Three-Decker (Residential building)
New England Telephone Building (Commercial building)
New Riding Club (Building)
Newspaper Row (Commercial building)
Norfolk Grange Hall (Meeting hall)
Norfolk, Massachusetts (Populated place)
North Easton, Massachusetts (Populated place)
North Terminal Garage (Service station)
Northbridge, Massachusetts (Populated place)
O'Brien, Richard, Three-Decker (Residential building)
O'Connor, James, Three-Decker (Residential building)
O'Hara Waltham Dial Company (Industrial building)
Oak Knoll (House)
Odd Fellows Building (Meeting hall)
Odd Fellows Hall (Meeting hall)
Oddfellows Building (Commercial building)
Olcott, John E., House (Residential building)
Old Barn (Barn)
Old Cemetery (Cemetery)
Old City Hall (City hall)
Old Manse (House)
Old South Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Old Statehouse (City hall)
Olmsted Park System (Work of art)
Orchard House (School)
Oxford, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Oxford, The (Residential building)
Paine Estate (Estate)
Paine Furniture Building (Commercial building)
Parker House (House)
Parker House (Hotel)
Parsonage, The (Building)
Paul's Bridge (Bridge)
Peabody Court Apartments (Residential building)
Peabody, The (Residential building)
Peak House (House)
Peirce School (School)
Pest House (Building)
Pierce House (House)
Porcellian Club (Building)
Potter Estate (Estate)
Powder House Park (Military facility)
Prospect House (Building)
Provost, Arthur, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Publicity Building (Commercial building)
Quincy Granite Railway (Railroad line)
Quincy Granite Railway Incline (Railroad facility)
Quincy Market (Commercial building)
Quincy School (School)
Quincy Town Hall (City hall)
Quinsigamond Firehouse (Fire station)
R.H. Stearns Building (Commercial building)
Randolph, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Rawson Estate (Estate)
Rawson, Warren, Building (Residential building)
Record, Jonathan Dexter, House (Residential building)
Red Top (House)
Reed, Frank, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Reeves Tavern (Miscellaneous)
Reservoir Park (Waterworks)
Richardson Block (Commercial building)
Richmond Court (Residential building)
Richmond, Willard, Apartment Block (Residential building)
Rider Tavern (Building)
Ridyard, Albert, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Ridyard, B. E., Three-Decker (Residential building)
Riordan, John, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Ritchie Building (Industrial building)
River Street Firehouse (Fire station)
Riviera, The (Residential building)
Rivulet Mill Complex (Industrial building)
Rochdale, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Rogers House (House)
Rosebud, The (Commercial building)
Roslindale, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Roughan Hall (Meeting hall)
Roughwood (House)
Roxbury Gas Light Company (Industrial building)
Roxbury, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Roynane, Catharine, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Russell Common (Residential building)
Russell, The (Residential building)
Russia Wharf Buildings (Industrial building)
Sacco-Pettee Machine Shops (Industrial building)
Salisbury Mansion and Store (Commercial building)
Samuel Edelman Apartments (Residential building)
Sargent's Pond (Structure)
Saugus Town Hall (City hall)
Sears' Crescent and Sears' Block (Commercial building)
Shaarai Torah Synagogue (Place of worship)
Sharon House (House)
Sharon, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Shattuck, Ralph W., House (Residential building)
Shea, Bridget, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Shoe Shop-Doucette Ten Footer (Industrial building)
Shumway Block (Commercial building)
Simpson, Clara, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Slater Building (Building)
Slatersville, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Smith, Ellen M., Three-Decker (Residential building)
Soho Cottage (House)
Somerville Journal Building (Commercial building)
South School (School)
South Station Headhouse (Railroad depot)
South Unitarian (Building)
Spaulding Block (Commercial building)
Spencer, Massachusetts (Populated place)
St. Marks (Building)
St. Matthews (Building)
Stanstead, The (Residential building)
Stark Building (Commercial building)
Stearns Tavern (Building)
Steele, John, House (Residential building)
Stevens, Daniel, House (Residential building)
Stoliker, Edna, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Stone Building (Meeting hall)
Stone, Edward, Three-Decker (Residential building)
Stoneham Firestation (Fire station)
Stoneholm (House)
Stony Farm (Farm)
Stoughton, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Strong's Block (Building)
Students House (Residential building)
Suffolk County Jail (Correctional facility)
Symphony Hall (Meeting hall)
Taft Brothers Block (Commercial building)
Ted's Diner (Diner)
Textile District (District)
Thayer House (House)
Thom Block (Commercial building)
Town Diner (Commercial building)
Town Stable (Building)
Tremont Street Subway (Railroad facility)
Trinity Rectory (Building)
Troupes, John, Three-Decker (Residential building)
U.S.S. CONSTITUTION (Military facility)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
Union Wharf (Commercial building)
United States Watch Company (Industrial building)
Upham's Corner Market (Commercial building)
Upton Town Hall (City hall)
US Post Office Garage (Post office)
Uxbridge Passenger Depot (Railroad depot)
Uxbridge Town Hall (City hall)
Uxbridge, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Vale, The (House)
Vendome, The, and the St. Ives (Residential building)
Vermont Building (Industrial building)
Waitt Brick Block (Commercial building)
Walden Pond (House)
Walpole Town Hall (City hall)
Walpole, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Ware Hall (Meeting hall)
Warelands (School)
Warren Block (Commercial building)
Waucantuck Mill Complex (Industrial building)
Wayside Inn (House)
Wayside, The (House)
WCIS Bank (Bank)
Webster, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Weeks Cemetery (Cemetery)
Wescott, John, Three-Decker (Residential building)
West Medway, Massachusetts (Populated place)
West Rutland, Massachusetts (Populated place)
West Sutton, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Westwood, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Whitinsville, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Wigglesworth Building (Commercial building)
Wilbur Theatre (Theater)
Wilson Cemetery (Cemetery)
Wilson's Diner (Commercial building)
Wilson, Henry, Shoe Shop (Industrial building)
Winchester, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Winn Farm (Farm)
Winthrop Building (Commercial building)
Wollaston Fire Station (Fire station)
Woonsockett Gas Company Gasholder (Industrial building)
Worcester Bleach and Dye Works (Industrial building)
Worcester Market Building (Commercial building)
Wright House (House)
Wright's Tavern (Commercial building)
Youth's Companion Building (Commercial building)
YWCA Boston (School)
Zemaitis, Anthony, Three-Decker (Residential building)