Charlottesville, Virginia, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Almond, Virginia (Placename)
Anderson Brothers Building (Commercial building)
Aroda, Virginia (Populated place)
Barboursville (Building)
Beazley, Virginia (Placename)
Bel Aire (House)
Belle Plaine (District)
Bellevue (House)
Belmont (House)
Bentivar (House)
Berry Hill (Building)
Birdwood (House)
Black Meadow (Hotel)
Bloomsbury (Cemetery)
Bogota (House)
Bon Air (House)
Boswell's Tavern (Building)
Brampton (House)
Burlington (House)
Carr's Hill (House)
Carrsbrook (House)
Casa Maria (House)
Castle Hill (House)
Clifton (House)
Cobham Park (House)
Cobham Park (House)
Coiner House (House)
Contentment (House)
Crompton-Shenandoah Plant (Industrial building)
Crozet, Virginia (Populated place)
D. S. Tavern (Commercial building)
Decca, Virginia (Placename)
Dyke, Virginia (Populated place)
East Belmont (House)
Edgehill (House)
Ednam House (House)
Enderly (House)
Estes Farm (Farm)
Fairfax Hall (Hotel)
Farmington (House)
Four Acres (House)
Frascati (Building)
Free Union, Virginia (Populated place)
Gardner House (Log cabin)
Gardner-Mays Cottage (Residential building)
Glenmore, Virginia (Populated place)
Grace Church (Church)
Grassdale (House)
Greenway (Cemetery)
Greenwood (House)
Greenwood (House)
Grelen (House)
Hard Bargain (House)
Haugh House (House)
Hawkwood (House)
Haywood, Virginia (Populated place)
Home Tract (House)
Hood, Virginia (Populated place)
Inglewood (House)
Ionia (House)
Jefferson Theater (Miscellaneous)
Kenridge (House)
Kite Mansion (Mansion)
Lasley, Virginia (Placename)
Leon, Virginia (Populated place)
Lewis Farm (House)
Lewis Mountain (Mansion)
Locust Grove (House)
Locust Grove (House)
Locust Grove (House)
Locust Grove, Virginia (Populated place)
Locust Hill (School)
Longwood (House)
Longwood (House)
Madison Run, Virginia (Populated place)
Malvern (House)
Mayhurst (Building)
Michie Tavern (Building)
Midway (House)
Milton, Virginia (Populated place)
Mirador (House)
Monroe Hill (House)
Montebello (House)
Monticello (House)
Montpelier (House)
Morea (House)
Mount Fair (Estate)
Newtown Cemetery (Cemetery)
Norwood, Virginia (Populated place)
Oak Lawn (Cemetery)
Oakpark, Virginia (Populated place)
Octonia Stone (Monument)
Old Manse (House)
Patton Mansion (Mansion)
Paxton Place (House)
Penn Laird, Virginia (Populated place)
Peyton-Ellington Building (Commercial building)
Piedmont (House)
Piereus Store (Commercial building)
Pitts-Inge (House)
Plumb House (House)
Pratts, Virginia (Populated place)
Preston Court Apartments (Residential building)
Radiant, Virginia (Populated place)
Ramsay (House)
Rapidan, Virginia (Populated place)
Rebel Hall (Meeting hall)
Recoleta (Residential building)
Red Hills (House)
Red Mills, Virginia (Populated place)
Reva, Virginia (Populated place)
Rocklands (Building)
Rockwood (House)
Rose Cliff (House)
Ruckersville, Virginia (Populated place)
Rugby, Virginia (Populated place)
Saint George, Virginia (Populated place)
Scott Stadium (Stadium)
Spring Hill (House)
Stonefield (School)
Strand Theater (Theater)
Sullivan, Virginia (Placename)
Sunnyside (House)
Swannanoa (House)
Tetley (House)
The Aviator (Work of art)
The Cedars (House)
The Foster Site (Archaeological site)
Verbena, Virginia (Populated place)
Waldrop, Virginia (Populated place)
Wayne Theater (Theater)
Westend (House)
Westover, Virginia (Populated place)
Weyburn, Virginia (Placename)
Wilhoit, Virginia (Placename)
Willow Grove (Estate)
Willston (House)
Woodbourne (Building)
Woodburn (House)
Woodlands (House)
Wynhurst (House)
Young Building (Commercial building)