Dover, Delaware, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Achmester (House)
Allee House (House)
Aspendale (House)
Athol (House)
Barratt Hall (Meeting hall)
Belleview (Building)
Belmont Hall (Meeting hall)
Beth Hillel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Bishopton (House)
Brecknock (House)
Brook Ramble (House)
Camden Friends Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Castle Hall (Meeting hall)
Cedarville, New Jersey (Populated place)
Chesterville Brick House (Commercial building)
Choptank (House)
Christ Church (Church)
Clayton Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Concord, Maryland (Placename)
Cooper House (House)
Crumpton, Maryland (Populated place)
Earleville, Maryland (Populated place)
Eden Hill (House)
Elm Grange (House)
Fairton, New Jersey (Populated place)
Fairview (House)
Felton Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Fennimore Store (Commercial building)
Fields Heirs (House)
Fortescue, New Jersey (Populated place)
Great Geneva (House)
Great House (House)
Green Meadow (House)
Greenfields (House)
Greenlawn (House)
Greenwich, New Jersey (Populated place)
Greenwold (House)
Hart House (House)
Hedgelawn (House)
Kenton Post Office (Post office)
Knocks Folly (House)
Lansdowne (House)
Levoy Theatre (Theater)
Liston House (House)
Maples (House)
Mayfield (House)
Misty Vale (House)
Monterey (House)
Moore House (House)
Mount Harmon (House)
Newport, New Jersey (Populated place)
Norma, New Jersey (Populated place)
Noxontown (House)
Okolona (House)
Old Brick Store (Commercial building)
Old Statehouse (Capitol building)
Palmer Home (Building)
Pharo House (House)
Philip Reading Tannery (Industrial building)
Potter's Tavern (Building)
Rawley House (House)
Reed House (House)
Rich Hill (House)
Rose Hill (House)
Rosedale (House)
Rosenhayn, New Jersey (Populated place)
Siloam Cemetery (Cemetery)
Sipple House (House)
Snowland (House)
Somerville (House)
Stratton (House)
Swanton, Maryland (Placename)
Thomas House (House)
Town Point (House)
Weston (House)
Woodlawn (House)
Wyoming Railroad Station (Railroad depot)