Waterbury, Connecticut, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Abbott, George S., Building (Residential building)
Amenia, New York (Populated place)
Amrita Club (Building)
B'nai Israel Synagogue (Place of worship)
Bangall, New York (Populated place)
Barrytown, New York (Populated place)
Battell Fountain (Fountain)
Beecher Monument (Monument)
Beekman Arms (Hotel)
Beekman Furnace (Furnace)
Beekman, New York (Populated place)
Benner House (House)
Beth David Synagogue (Place of worship)
Beth El Synagogue (Place of worship)
Bethel, New York (Populated place)
Billings, New York (Populated place)
Bishop School (School)
Brick School (School)
Bull's Bridge (Bridge)
Bykenhulle (House)
Chelsea, New York (Populated place)
Clark House (House)
Clove Valley, New York (Populated place)
Clove, New York (Populated place)
Colebrook Store (Commercial building)
Connelly, New York (Populated place)
Cordts Mansion (Mansion)
Dixon House (House)
Dover Plains, New York (Populated place)
Elmendorph Inn (Building)
Elton Hotel (Hotel)
Esperanza (House)
Ethol House (House)
Eustatia (House)
Fairview, New York (Populated place)
Farnum House (House)
Freer House (House)
Glebe House (House)
Glebe House (House)
Glenham, New York (Populated place)
Gould House (House)
Grasmere (House)
Green Haven, New York (Populated place)
Grey Hook (House)
Grove, The (House)
Halfway Diner (Building)
Harlow Row (Residential building)
Hiddenhurst (House)
Highland, New York (Populated place)
Hillside (House)
Holy Cross Monastery (Place of worship)
Howland Library (Library)
Hyde Park Firehouse (Fire station)
Hyde Park, New York (Populated place)
I-84 Diner (Commercial building)
Kent Combination Depot (Railroad depot)
Kingston City Hall (City hall)
Lakeville Depot (Railroad depot)
Locust Grove (House)
Low House (House)
Lynfeld (House)
Mader House (House)
Main Mall Row (Commercial building)
Maizefield (House)
Mansakenning (House)
Maple Grove (House)
Maples, The (House)
Marlboro, New York (Populated place)
Martin, Caleb, House (Residential building)
Milton Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Moore House (House)
Moss Hill (House)
Mount Gulian (House)
Mulhern House (Residential building)
Niagara Engine House (Fire station)
Noble House (Building)
Norfolk, Connecticut (Populated place)
Oblong Friends Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Pine Plains, New York (Populated place)
Pines, The (Hotel)
Pleasant Ridge, New York (Populated place)
Port Ewen, New York (Populated place)
Poughquag, New York (Populated place)
Progue House (House)
Rhinecliff, New York (Populated place)
Rock Ledge (House)
Rokeby (House)
Roxbury Furnace (Furnace)
Rumsey Hall (School)
Rye House (House)
Sague House (House)
Shay's Warehouse and Stable (Commercial building)
Shay, William, Double House (Residential building)
Skee's Diner (Commercial building)
Smith, Gov., Homestead (Meeting hall)
South School (School)
Sports Building (Building)
Staatsburg, New York (Populated place)
Stapleton Building (Residential building)
Stonecrest (House)
Sun Terrace (House)
Sylvan Lake, New York (Populated place)
Terryville Waterwheel (Power plant)
Thomaston Station (Railroad depot)
Top Cottage (House)
Topsmead (House)
Traver House (House)
Travis House (House)
Ulster Park, New York (Populated place)
Villa Friuli (Residential building)
Wales House (House)
Warner Theatre (Theater)
Wassaic, New York (Populated place)
Waterbury Clock Company (Industrial building)
Waterbury Union Station (Railroad depot)
West End Commercial District (Residential building)
West Strand Historic District (Commercial building)
Wingdale, New York (Populated place)
Winsted Diner (Commercial building)
Winsted, Connecticut (Populated place)