Bangor, Maine, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

A-1 Diner (Commercial building)
Adams-Pickering Block (Commercial building)
Agassiz Bedrock Outcrop (Natural feature)
Alna Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Alna School (School)
Anson Grange #88 (Meeting hall)
Athens, Maine (Populated place)
Atlantic, Maine (Populated place)
Bangor House (Hotel)
Bangor Standpipe (Water tower)
Bar Harbor, Maine (Populated place)
Barncastle (House)
Bass Harbor, Maine (Populated place)
Belgrade Lakes, Maine (Populated place)
Belgrade, Maine (Populated place)
Benton Grange #458 (City hall)
Bernard, Tremont, Maine (Populated place)
Birch Harbor, Maine (Populated place)
Black Mansion (Mansion)
Blake House (House)
Brick School (School)
Brooklin IOOF Hall (Meeting hall)
Brooksville, Maine (Populated place)
Bryant, Charles G., Double House (Residential building)
Cape Rosier, Maine (Populated place)
Castine, Maine (Populated place)
Castle Tucker (Museum)
Cate House (House)
Center, Maine (Populated place)
Chandler Store (Commercial building)
Christ Church (Church)
Clary Mill (Mill)
Cleftstone (Hotel)
Cliffwood Hall (City hall)
Cobe Estate (Building)
Colonial Apartments (Residential building)
Common, The (Monument)
Conway House (House)
Corinth Village (District)
Cover Farm (Farm)
Cranberry Isles, Maine (Populated place)
Curtis Island Light (Lighthouse)
Cushing, Maine (Populated place)
Cutting, Jonas-Kent, Edward, House (Residential building)
Dark Harbor Shop (Building)
Dave's Diner (Commercial building)
Dixmont Town House (City hall)
Dixmont, Maine (Populated place)
Dole Block (Industrial building)
Doughty Block (Building)
Dresden Town House (City hall)
Drexel Estate (Building)
East Surry, Maine (Populated place)
Eaton School (School)
Edgecliff (House)
Eegonos (House)
Embden Town House (City hall)
Fairfield Center, Maine (Populated place)
Fairfield, Maine (Populated place)
Farwell Brothers Store (Commercial building)
Founders Hall (School)
Frankfort, Maine (Populated place)
Gardiner Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Gerald Hotel (Hotel)
Gile, Asa, Hall (City hall)
Glidden-Austin Block (Residential building)
Gould House (House)
Gouldsboro, Maine (Populated place)
Grand Theatre (Theater)
Granite Store (Commercial building)
Hampden, Maine (Populated place)
Harborside, Maine (Populated place)
Harmony Hall (Meeting hall)
Harmony, Maine (Populated place)
Hartford Fire Station (Fire station)
Hayford Block (Commercial building)
Heald House (House)
Herald Building (Building)
Highseas (House)
Holden Town Hall (City hall)
Huston House (Hotel)
Islesford, Maine (Populated place)
Journal Building (Commercial building)
Keen Hall (Miscellaneous)
Kennebec Arsenal (Military facility)
Knowlton, Jabez, Store (Commercial building)
Kresge Building (Commercial building)
Libby--Hill Block (Commercial building)
Lion, The (locomotive) (Railroad vehicle)
Lion, The (locomotive) (Railroad vehicle)
Lithgow Library (Library)
Little Deer Isle, Maine (Populated place)
Lucerne Inn (Hotel)
Maine State House (Capitol building)
Mainstream, Maine (Populated place)
Manset, Maine (Populated place)
Marsh School (School)
Masonic Hall (Meeting hall)
Masonic Temple (Meeting hall)
Memorial Hall (Meeting hall)
Minturn, Maine (Populated place)
Monroe, Maine (Populated place)
Moody Farm (Farm)
Moody Mansion (Mansion)
Moody, Maine (Populated place)
Moonspring Hermitage (Place of worship)
Morse & Co. Office Building (Commercial building)
Morse Bridge (Bridge)
Nannau (House)
Nazi Spy Landing Site (Natural feature)
Nicolin, Maine (Placename)
Noble Block (Building)
North Brooklin, Maine (Populated place)
North Brooksville, Maine (Populated place)
North Castine, Maine (Populated place)
North Cushing, Maine (Populated place)
North Penobscot, Maine (Populated place)
North Vassalboro, Maine (Populated place)
Norumbega (Hotel)
Oaklands (House)
Old Fire Engine House (Fire station)
Old Post Office (Post office)
Old Post Office (Post office)
Old Red Store (Commercial building)
Orono, Maine (Populated place)
Owls Head, Maine (Populated place)
Parker House (House)
Peacock Tavern (Building)
Pendle Hill (House)
Penobscot, Maine (Placename)
Pilley House (House)
Pittsfield, Maine (Populated place)
Powder House Lot (Military facility)
Powers House (House)
Professional Building (Commercial building)
Prospect Harbor, Maine (Populated place)
Rankin Block (Commercial building)
Raventhorp (House)
Readfield, Maine (Populated place)
Redwood (Building)
Reverie Cove (House)
River Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Rockland Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Rockport, Maine (Populated place)
Row House (Residential building)
Rural Hall (Meeting hall)
Sandy Point, Maine (Populated place)
Sargentville, Maine (Populated place)
Sea Change (District)
Seal Cove, Maine (Populated place)
Seal Harbor, Maine (Populated place)
Sedgwick, Maine (Populated place)
Shore Acres (Hotel)
Skowhegan Drive-In Theatre (Drive-in theater)
Skowhegan Fire Station (Fire station)
Skowhegan, Maine (Populated place)
Smithfield, Maine (Populated place)
South Gouldsboro, Maine (Populated place)
South Penobscot, Maine (Populated place)
South Solon Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
South Surry, Maine (Populated place)
South Thomaston, Maine (Populated place)
Southwest Harbor, Maine (Populated place)
Spite House (House)
Sproul's Cafe (Commercial building)
Spruce Head, Maine (Populated place)
Stetson, Maine (Populated place)
Stewart Free Library (Meeting hall)
Stockton Springs, Maine (Populated place)
Strand Theatre (Theater)
Surry Town Hall (City hall)
Surry, Maine (Populated place)
Swans Island, Maine (Populated place)
The Birches (House)
Tolman Cemetery (Cemetery)
Topside (House)
Tremont, Maine (Populated place)
Turrets, The (House)
Tuthill (District湩)
Union Hall (City hall)
Union School (School)
Vassalboro, Maine (Populated place)
Vickery Building (Commercial building)
Vinalhaven, Maine (Populated place)
Waldo Theatre (Theater)
Wardwell--Trickey Double House (Residential building)
Weeks Mills, China, Maine (Populated place)
West Brooksville, Maine (Populated place)
West Gouldsboro, Maine (Populated place)
West Penobscot, Maine (Populated place)
West Tremont, Maine (Populated place)
Wharf House (House)
Wheelwright Block (Commercial building)
Williams Block (Commercial building)
Wilson Hall (School)
Winthrop Mills Company (Miscellaneous)