Fresno, California, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Alfac, California (Placename)
Azteca Theater (Theater)
Banner, California (Placename)
Bean, California (Placename)
Bender, California (Placename)
Blanco, California (Populated place)
Bronge, California (Placename)
Bulldog Stadium (Stadium)
Butler, California (Placename)
C. A. Elster Building (Meeting hall)
Caruthers, California (Populated place)
Cattle Cabin (Building)
Cove Theater (Theater)
Crest Theater (Theater)
Cuneo, California (Placename)
Cutler, California (Populated place)
Eshel, California (Placename)
Exeter Theater (Theater)
Fargo, California (Placename)
Fox Theater (Theater)
Friant, California (Populated place)
Gamlin Cabin (House)
Goshen, California (Populated place)
Granz, California (Placename)
Grove Theatre (Theater)
Harmony, California (Populated place)
Hasset, California (Placename)
Hope, California (Placename)
Hyde House (House)
Kaweah, California (Populated place)
Kettleman City, California (Populated place)
Kimble, California (Placename)
Kings Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Knapp Cabin (Building)
Liberty Theater (Theater)
Lillis, California (Placename)
Lindsay Theater (Theater)
Maulbridge Apartments (Residential building)
Maya Theater (Theater)
Meux House (House)
Miramonte, California (Populated place)
Motor-In Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Musk, California (Placename)
Odessa, California (Placename)
Orion, California (Placename)
Orlem, California (Placename)
Orosi, California (Populated place)
Physicians Building (Commercial building)
Piedra, California (Populated place)
Pogue Hotel (Hotel)
Porter Theater (Theater)
Porterville Drive-In Theater (Drive-in theater)
Portex, California (Placename)
Prewit, California (Placename)
Rainbow Theater (Theater)
Raisin City, California (Populated place)
Rehorn House (House)
Reka, California (Placename)
Santa Fe Passenger Depot (Railroad depot)
Shipp, California (Placename)
Sides, California (Placename)
Smyrna, California (Placename)
Soda Springs, California (Populated place)
Squatter's Cabin (Building)
Stoner House (House)
Taoist Temple (Place of worship)
Tharp's Log (Building)
The Pioneer (Work of art)
Tiffin, California (Placename)
Tower Theatre (Theater)
Twining Laboratories (Commercial building)
Vanris, California (Placename)
Visalia Theater (Theater)
Warehouse Row (District)
Wilson Theater (Theater)
Wolf, California (Populated place)
Yettem, California (Populated place)
Zalud House (House)