Glens Falls, New York, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Allentown, New York (Populated place)
Aloha Camp (Camp)
Argent Apartments (Residential building)
Ascutney, Vermont (Populated place)
Athens, Vermont (Populated place)
Athol, New York (Populated place)
Backside Inn (Hotel)
Bellows Falls Times Building (Commercial building)
Belmont, Vermont (Populated place)
Bemis Eye Sanitarium Complex (Residential building)
Blow-Me-Down Grange (Meeting hall)
Bolton Landing, New York (Populated place)
Bondville, Vermont (Populated place)
Brandon, Vermont (Populated place)
Brant Lake, New York (Populated place)
Bridge 15 (Bridge)
Brook Farm (Farm)
Brookline, Vermont (Populated place)
Brookside (Building)
Brookview, New York (Populated place)
Burford House (Building)
Camp Billings (Residential building)
Camp Wyoda (Camp)
Canaan Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Canaan, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Castle Hill (Mansion)
Cavendish, Vermont (Populated place)
Center Meeting House (Place of worship)
Charlestown, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Chestertown, New York (Populated place)
Chipman's Point (Commercial building)
Clarendon House (Building)
Clark House (House)
Clementwood (House)
Clemons, New York (Populated place)
Cornwall General Store (Commercial building)
Cornwall Town Hall (City hall)
Cote House (School)
Covit House (House)
Crown Point, New York (Populated place)
Damon Hall (City hall)
Danby, Vermont (Populated place)
Dewey House (House)
Diamond Point, New York (Populated place)
Dorset, Vermont (Populated place)
Dr. James Ferguson Office (Commercial building)
Drinkhall, The (Railroad facility)
Durham House (Building)
East Dorset, Vermont (Populated place)
East Greenwich, New York (Populated place)
East Hubbardton, Vermont (Populated place)
East Randolph, Vermont (Populated place)
East Wallingford, Vermont (Populated place)
Ely, Vermont (Populated place)
Etna, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Fair Haven, Vermont (Populated place)
Fairlee Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Fairlee Town Hall (City hall)
Fenn Farm (Farm)
Ferris House (House)
Florence, Vermont (Populated place)
Garber House (Building)
Giffin House (School)
Gilligan and Stevens Block (Residential building)
Glimmerstone (House)
Grafton Post Office (Post office)
Grafton, Vermont (Populated place)
Grantham, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Granville, Vermont (Populated place)
Greenfield Center, New York (Populated place)
Guild, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Hager Farm (Farm)
Hancock House (Building)
Hancock, Vermont (Populated place)
Hand's Cove (House)
Hanover Inn (Hotel)
Hartford, Vermont (Populated place)
Hartland, Vermont (Populated place)
Hay Estate (Estate)
Hewitt House (House)
Hildene (House)
Hollow School (School)
Hoopes House (House)
Hortonville, Vermont (Populated place)
Howard Hardware Storehouse (Commercial building)
Hubbardton, Vermont (Populated place)
Hyde House (House)
Hyde's Hotel (Hotel)
Indian Stones (Monument)
Ironville, New York (Populated place)
Jamaica, Vermont (Populated place)
Janicke House (Building)
Jenks Tavern (Building)
Johnsburg, New York (Populated place)
Jones Hall (Meeting hall)
Joubert and White Building (Industrial building)
Kazon Building (Industrial building)
Kenyon Bridge (Bridge)
Killington, Vermont (Populated place)
Kingsbury, New York (Populated place)
Lake Dunmore, Vermont (Populated place)
Lear House (Building)
Lempster Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Liberty Monument (Work of art)
Londonderry Town House (Meeting hall)
Londonderry, Vermont (Populated place)
Lyme Center, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Lyme, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Manchester Center, Vermont (Populated place)
Manchester Depot, Vermont (Populated place)
Marble Bridge (Bridge)
Mari-Castle (Castle)
Marlow, New Hampshire (Populated place)
McKenstry Manor (Mansion)
Middle Falls, New York (Populated place)
Middletown Springs, Vermont (Populated place)
Minerva, New York (Populated place)
Mixter Blacksmith Shop (Commercial building)
Montcalm, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Moore, Silas B., Gristmill (Industrial building)
Munsonville, New Hampshire (Populated place)
NAMCO Block (Residential building)
Newbury, New Hampshire (Populated place)
North Dorset, Vermont (Populated place)
North Hartland, Vermont (Populated place)
NYS Armory (Armory)
Old Stone Blacksmith Shop (Commercial building)
Olmstedville, New York (Populated place)
Orfordville, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Owl's Nest (Cemetery)
Park Farm (Farm)
Pawlet Town Hall (City hall)
Peabody Library (Library)
Petrified Sea Gardens (Natural feature)
Pier Bridge (Bridge)
Piermont, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Pike House (Building)
Pine Cliff, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Pine Valley, New York (Populated place)
Pittsford, Vermont (Populated place)
Pollard Block (Commercial building)
Proctor, Vermont (Populated place)
Proctorsville, Vermont (Populated place)
Pure Oil Gas Station (Commercial building)
Purnell House (Building)
Putnam Station, New York (Populated place)
Quechee, Vermont (Populated place)
Randolph Center, Vermont (Populated place)
Reading Town Hall (City hall)
Riparius, New York (Populated place)
Riverside Train Station (Railroad depot)
Robertson Paper Company Complex (Industrial building)
Rochester, Vermont (Populated place)
Rockingham Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Round Schoolhouse (City hall)
Royalton Mill Complex (Industrial building)
Salisbury, Vermont (Populated place)
Scranton House (Building)
Seavey House (Building)
Severance, New York (Populated place)
Shard Villa (Cemetery)
Shushan, New York (Populated place)
Simons' Inn (Building)
Smith Flats (Residential building)
South Dorset, Vermont (Populated place)
Stagecoach Inn (Building)
Stelljes House (Building)
Stockbridge, Vermont (Populated place)
Stony Creek, New York (Populated place)
Sullivan, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Surry, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Taftsville, Vermont (Populated place)
The Glen, New York (Populated place)
Thurman, New York (Populated place)
Ticonderoga, New York (Populated place)
Townshend, Vermont (Populated place)
Towtaid, Vermont (Placename)
Union Mill Complex (Industrial building)
Unity Town Hall (City hall)
Vershire, Vermont (Populated place)
Wait Block (Commercial building)
Warrensburg, New York (Populated place)
Waybury Inn (Hotel)
Welcome Acres (Building)
West Hartford, Vermont (Populated place)
Whitehall Fire Station (Fire station)
Wilder, Vermont (Populated place)
Williamson House (Building)
Wilson House (Hotel)
Windsor House (Commercial building)
Windsor, Vermont (Populated place)
Yester House (House)