Knoxville, Tennessee, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

Alcoa South Plant Office (Commercial building)
Almond, North Carolina (Populated place)
Aloah Hotel (Hotel)
Alumni Gym (Building)
Amerene, Tennessee (Placename)
Anderson Hall (School)
Arcade Building (Commercial building)
Arden, North Carolina (Populated place)
Argura, North Carolina (Populated place)
Ayres Hall (School)
B & B Motor Company Building (Commercial building)
Backus Lodge (District)
Bank, Tennessee (Placename)
Bat Cave, North Carolina (Populated place)
Bethel, Tennessee (Populated place)
Biltmore Hardware Building (Commercial building)
Biltmore Industries, Inc. (Industrial building)
Biltmore Shoe Store (Commercial building)
Blake House (House)
Bleak House (House)
Bledsoe Building (Commercial building)
Bon Marché (Commercial building)
Boyds Creek (District)
Broadway Market Building (Commercial building)
Brookland (House)
Bryn Avon (Cemetery)
Bryson Theatre (Theater)
Building at 140 Biltmore Avenue (Residential building)
Bush House (House)
Cabin Ben (House)
Calderwood Dam (Power plant)
Camp Academy (School)
Camp Arrowhead (District)
Camp House (House)
Capitol Theater (Theater)
Carson House (House)
Cleveland, South Carolina (Populated place)
Co-Ed Cinema (Theater)
Conabeer Chrysler Building (Commercial building)
Connestee Falls (Waterfall)
Contractor's Supply, Inc. (Commercial building)
Cowee Mound and Village Site (Archaeological site)
Daniel House (House)
Dunns Mill (Mill)
Elajay, Tennessee (Placename)
Eliada Home (District)
Ellicott Rock (Monument)
Elm Hill (House)
Elys Mill (Mill)
Engadine (House)
English, North Carolina (Populated place)
Ewing, Tennessee (Placename)
Faust, North Carolina (Populated place)
Federal Building (Building)
Fingerville, South Carolina (Populated place)
Fire Station No. 5 (Fire station)
Fire Station Number 4 (Fire station)
Fox, Tennessee (Placename)
Gaiety Theater (Theater)
Gerton, North Carolina (Populated place)
Glen Choga Lodge (Building)
Governors Island (Archaeological site)
Gramling, South Carolina (Populated place)
Gray's Chapel (Church)
Grimshawes, North Carolina (Populated place)
Gunston Hall (House)
Gunter Building (Building)
Hall Cabin (House)
Hickory Nut Falls (Waterfall)
High Bridge (Bridge)
Highlands Jail (Building)
Hillmont (Hotel)
Hilltop (House)
Hogback Mountain (Natural feature)
Hooker Falls (Waterfall)
Hopecote (House)
Horace, North Carolina (Populated place)
House Theater (Theater)
In The Oaks (House)
Inman Moon Lite Theater (Drive-in theater)
Inman Theater (Theater)
Isis Theater (Theater)
Jackson Building (Skyscraper)
Judaculla Rock (Archaeological site)
Kenilworth Inn (Building)
Kern's Bakery (Commercial building)
Knoxville National Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Knoxville Post Office (Post office)
Knoxville YMCA Building (Residential building)
Kodak, Tennessee (Populated place)
Lambeth Inn (Meeting hall)
Landrum Train Depot (Railroad depot)
Leicester, North Carolina (Populated place)
Little Chicago (Populated place)
Lone Beech (House)
Looking Glass Rock (Natural feature)
Lynncote (House)
Mall Building (Commercial building)
Mars Theater (Theater)
Masonic Hall (Meeting hall)
McGeahy Building (Building)
McMinn Building (Commercial building)
Medical Arts Building (Commercial building)
Middlebrook (House)
Millennium Manor (Roadside oddity)
Minvilla (Residential building)
Monday House (House)
Morningside (House)
Mount Mitchell (Natural feature)
Mount Pisgah (Natural feature)
Mull Theater (Theater)
Myers Cemetary (Cemetery)
Naillon, Tennessee (Placename)
Nequasee (Archaeological site)
Neyland Stadium (Stadium)
Norfolk Southern Roundhouse (Railroad facility)
Notime, Tennessee (Placename)
Nu-Wray Inn (Hotel)
O'Dell House (House)
Oakdale Cemetery (Cemetery)
Old Fort Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Ottanola, North Carolina (Populated place)
Overlook (House)
Paint Rock, North Carolina (Populated place)
Palace Theater (Theater)
Palace Theater (Theater)
Park Theater (Theater)
Parkway Drive-In Theatre (Drive-in theater)
Pearson's Falls (Waterfall)
Pendergrass Building (Commercial building)
Peters House (House)
Pine Gables (House)
Pitner, Tennessee (Placename)
Porter Academy (Historic marker)
Prospect, Tennessee (Populated place)
Providence, North Carolina (Populated place)
Queen Theater (Theater)
Ramsey House (House)
Reese House (House)
Revilo, Tennessee (Placename)
Richbourg Motors Building (Commercial building)
River House (House)
Rose Glen (House)
Roxy Theater (Theater)
Rugby Grange (House)
Ryder Hall (Meeting hall)
S And W Cafeteria (Commercial building)
Saluda Grade (Railroad line)
Sam Houston Schoolhouse (Historic marker)
Sassafras Mountain (Natural feature)
Sawyer Motor Company Building (Commercial building)
Seven Oaks (House)
Sevierville (Historic marker)
Sherrill's Inn (Commercial building)
Shiloh, North Carolina (Populated place)
Shunkawauken Falls (Waterfall)
Silvermont (House)
Slater, South Carolina (Populated place)
Southern Railway Depot (Railroad depot)
Spinning Wheel (Commercial building)
Stone Hedge (Estate)
Strand Theatre (Theater)
Sunnybank (Hotel)
Sunnydale (Log cabin)
Sunset Motel (Hotel)
Sunsphere (Tower)
Sylvan Theater (Theater)
Table Rock (Natural feature)
Talahi Improvements (Work of art)
The Cedars (Building)
The Cotton Patch (District)
The Meadows (House)
The Waverly (Hotel)
Thomas Grant Harbison (Historic marker)
Triple Falls (Waterfall)
Tryon Country Club (Miscellaneous)
Tryon Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Tryon Theatre (Theater)
Tuckaleechee Villages (Historic marker)
Tyson McCarter Place (Residential building)
Victory Theater (Theater)
Vinson House (House)
Walker's Inn (House)
Walland Power Plant (Power plant)
Waters House (House)
Waynesville Drive-In (Drive-in theater)
Wear's Fort (Historic marker)
Wears Valley (Roadside oddity)
Welwyn, Tennessee (Placename)
Westwood (House)
Wheatlands (House)
Where Houston Enlisted (Historic marker)
Wilham, Tennessee (Placename)
Windover (House)
Yancey Theatre (Theater)
Zealandia (House)
Zirconia, North Carolina (Populated place)