Providence, Rhode Island, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

1761 Milestone (Monument)
A. B. Chace Rowhouses (Residential building)
A.J. Borden Building (Commercial building)
Adamsville, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Albert Field Tack Company (Industrial building)
Albion, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Algonquin Printing Co. (Industrial building)
American Brewing Company Plant (Industrial building)
Anawan Rock (Battle site)
Angle Tree Stone (Monument)
Arcade, The (Commercial building)
Arcade, The (Commercial building)
Art's Auto (Commercial building)
Artillery Park (Military cemetery)
Ashaway, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Ashley House (House)
Assonet, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Atlantic Mills Gasholder House (Industrial building)
Avant House (House)
Avery House (House)
Aylesworth Apartments (Residential building)
Baker House (Residential building)
Ballou House (House)
Barnstable, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Barnum School (School)
Barrington, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Beacon, The (Military facility)
Beavertail Light (Lighthouse)
Belton Court (House)
Bird Island Light (Lighthouse)
Black Farm (Farm)
Blithewold (House)
Boguslavsky Triple-Deckers (Residential building)
Border City Mill No. 2 (Industrial building)
Bowen, Isaac, House (Residential building)
Bowen, Nathan, House (Residential building)
Boyd's Windmill (Windmill)
Bradford, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Bramble Hill (House)
Brewster, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Brick Block (Residential building)
Brick Market (Commercial building)
Bridgewater, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Bristol County Jail (Correctional facility)
Bristol, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Brown House (House)
Building at 237--239 Main Street (Commercial building)
Building at 600 Main Street (Commercial building)
Building at 606 Main Street (Commercial building)
Building at 614 Main Street (Commercial building)
Burrows Block (Meeting hall)
Butler Hospital (Building)
Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Camp Endicott (Military facility)
Cape Poge Light (Lighthouse)
Cappelli, A. F., Block (Residential building)
Capron House (House)
Carolina, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Carpenter House (Residential building)
Carver, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Cataumet, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Cedar Hill (Estate)
Centerville, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Central Fire Station (Fire station)
Central Fire Station (Fire station)
Charlestown, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Chartley, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Chatham Railroad Depot (Railroad depot)
Chatham Windmill (Windmill)
Chatham, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Chepachet, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Cherry & Webb Building (Commercial building)
Children's Home (Building)
Church Green (Church)
Clayville, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Cohannet Mill No. 3 (Industrial building)
Cole's Hill (Burial site)
Collyer Monument (Work of art)
Columbus (Work of art)
Cotuit, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Coventry, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Cowesett Pound (Structure)
Crosby House (House)
Cummaquid, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Cuttyhunk, Massachusetts (Populated place)
D. E. Makepeace Company (Industrial building)
Davol Rubber Company (Industrial building)
Davol School (School)
Dawson Building (Commercial building)
Dennis Port, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Dighton Rock (Monument)
Dighton, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Dorrance Inn (House)
Druidsdream (Hotel)
Dunmere (House)
Duxbury Pier Light (Lighthouse)
East Chop Light (Lighthouse)
East Dennis, Massachusetts (Populated place)
East Harwich, Massachusetts (Populated place)
East Wareham, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Eastham, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Edgartown, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Elizabeth Building (Commercial building)
Exeter, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Fairhaven, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Fall River Bleachery (Industrial building)
Falmouth, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Federal Building (Courthouse)
Fifth Ward Wardroom (Meeting hall)
Fire Barn (Barn)
Fire Station No. 4 (Fire station)
Fire Station No. 4 (Fire station)
First Baptist Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
First Ward Wardroom (Meeting hall)
Fiskeville, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Forestdale, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Forestdale, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Forge Farm (Farm)
Fort Adams (Military facility)
Foster Spinning Co. (Industrial building)
Foster, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Fowler School (School)
French Cable Hut (Building)
Friends Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Fuller House (House)
Fuller Houses (Residential building)
Gardencourt (House)
Gaspee Point (Battle site)
Gay Head Light (Lighthouse)
Gilbane's Service Center Building (Commercial building)
Glendale, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Goff Farm (Farm)
Grace Church (Church)
Granite Mill No. 2 (Industrial building)
Greany Building (Residential building)
Greene Inn (Hotel)
Greenville, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Greystone Mill Historic District (Industrial building)
Gwyn Careg (Hotel)
Hale House (House)
Half Way House (Building)
Halifax, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Hargraves Mill No. 1 (Industrial building)
Harmony, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Harrisville, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Harwich Port, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Harwich, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Hay and Owen Buildings (Commercial building)
Hearthside (House)
Hill School (School)
Hillside (House)
Hodges House (House)
Hooper House (House)
Hope Block and Cheapside (Commercial building)
Hope Mills (Mill)
Hope Valley, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Hope, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Hopelands (House)
Hopkinton, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Hotel Viking (Hotel)
Hunter House (House)
Hyannis, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Hygeia House (Hotel)
Indian Burial Ground (Burial site)
Indian Oaks (House)
Jamestown, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Joe's Diner (Diner)
Jones Warehouses (Building)
Kelley House (Hotel)
Kennedy Compound (District)
Kennedy Park (Monument)
Kent, Rhode Island (Placename)
Kenyon's Department Store (Commercial building)
Kenyon, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Kingscote (House)
Kingston Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Kinne Cemetery (Cemetery)
Knight Estate (Estate)
Knightsville Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
L. A. DUNTON (Vessel)
Ladd Observatory (Building)
Leroy Theatre (Theater)
Liberty Hall (Meeting hall)
Lightship No. 114 (Military facility)
Lime Kilns (Furnace)
Logee House (House)
Longfield (House)
Lothrop, H.B., Store (Commercial building)
Louttit Laundry (Industrial building)
Luce Hall (School)
Luther House (House)
Luther Store (Commercial building)
M.M. Rhodes and Sons Co. (Industrial building)
Malbone (House)
Manomet, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Manton, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Manville, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Mapleville, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Marble House (House)
Marion, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Market House (Commercial building)
Martin House (House)
Mashpee, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Mason, William P., House (Commercial building)
Mattapoisett, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Mechanical Fabric Company (Industrial building)
Middleboro, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Modern Diner (Diner)
Modern Diner (Commercial building)
Montauk Manor (Mansion)
Morse House (House)
Morse Mill (Mill)
Mt. Hygeia (House)
Nantucket, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Nauset Beach Light (Lighthouse)
Ned Point Light (Lighthouse)
New England Butt Company (Industrial building)
Newman Cemetery (Cemetery)
Newport Casino (Building)
North Carver, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Norton House (House)
Norton, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Oak Glen (House)
Oddfellow's Hall (Meeting hall)
Old Bay Road (Military cemetery)
Old Burial Hill (Cemetery)
Old Colony House (Building)
Old Jail (Correctional facility)
Old Mill (Mill)
Old Weir Stove Company (Industrial building)
Onset, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Ontario Apartments (Residential building)
Orleans, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Osborn House (House)
Osterville, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Oxford, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Paine House (House)
Pascoag, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Pawtucket Elks Lodge Building (Commercial building)
Pawtucket Post Office (Post office)
Pawtucket Times Building (Commercial building)
Pawtuxet Valley Dyeing Company (Industrial building)
Perkins Buildings (Industrial building)
Perry Mill (Mill)
Peter Pierce Store (Commercial building)
Pilgrim Hall (Meeting hall)
Plymouth Rock (Monument)
Plymouth, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Pocasset, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Pomfret Town House (City hall)
Portsmouth, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Providence Telephone Company (Commercial building)
Putnam Railroad Station (Railroad depot)
Ram Point (House)
Raynham, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Read School (School)
Red House (House)
Redwood Library (Library)
Reed and Barton Complex (Industrial building)
Rehoboth, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Rhode Island Statehouse (Capitol building)
Rhode Island Tool Company (Industrial building)
Ritter House (House)
Robinson Building No. 1 (Industrial building)
Rochester, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Rockville, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Rosecliff (House)
Rosedale Apartments (Residential building)
Round House (House)
Rowell House (House)
Royal Mill Complex (Industrial building)
Sagamore Mill No. 2 (Industrial building)
Sagamore Mills No. 1 and No. 3 (Industrial building)
Sagamore, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Sandwich, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Sanford Spinning Co. (Industrial building)
Sankaty Head Light (Lighthouse)
Santuit Post Office (Post office)
Saunderstown, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Saylesville Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Seekonk, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Segreganset, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Shakespeare Hall (Meeting hall)
Shannock, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Shawmut Diner (Commercial building)
Shepard Company Building (Commercial building)
Shiloh Church (Church)
Short's Tavern (Residential building)
Siasconset, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Slater Park (House)
Slocum, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Smith, Bradford, Building (Residential building)
Sons of Jacob Synagogue (Place of worship)
South Carver, Massachusetts (Populated place)
South Dennis, Massachusetts (Populated place)
South Street Station (Power plant)
Spink Farm (Farm)
Stone House (House)
Swansea, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Temple Beth-El (Place of worship)
The Elms (Building)
Third Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Times and Olympia Buildings (Commercial building)
Tiverton, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Todd Farm (Farm)
Torpedo Boat PT-617 (Military facility)
Towers, The (Building)
Town Hall (City hall)
Truro Town Hall (City hall)
Truro, Massachusetts (Populated place)
U.S. Customhouse (Building)
U.S.S. LIONFISH (Military facility)
Union Chapel (Church)
Union Church (Church)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
Unitarian Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
US Post Office (Post office)
USS MASSACHUSETTS BB-59 (Military facility)
Vernon House (House)
Voluntown, Connecticut (Populated place)
Wakefield, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Walker School (School)
Warwick Lighthouse (Lighthouse)
Webster Loom Harness Company (Industrial building)
Weir Engine House (Fire station)
Wellfleet, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Wenham, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Wesleyan Grove (District)
West Harwich, Massachusetts (Populated place)
West Kingston, Rhode Island (Populated place)
West Side Diner (Commercial building)
West Tisbury, Massachusetts (Populated place)
West Wareham, Massachusetts (Populated place)
West Warwick, Rhode Island (Populated place)
West Winds (House)
Westcote (House)
White Horse Tavern (City hall)
White, Josephine, Block (Residential building)
Whitehall (House)
Whittenton Mills Complex (Industrial building)
Wianno Club (Hotel)
Wilbor House (House)
Willow Dell (House)
Wing's Neck Light (Lighthouse)
Wylie School (School)
Wyoming, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Zip's Diner (Diner)