Spartanburg, South Carolina, 1:250,000-Scale Quadrangle


Landmarks within this quadrangle

1210-1214 Main Street (Commercial building)
1644 Main Street (Commercial building)
1722-1724 Main Street (Commercial building)
Albion (House)
Alston House (House)
Andrews Theater (Theater)
Ansonia Theatre (Theater)
Arcade Building (Building)
Arcade Hotel (Hotel)
Arcadia Mill No. 2 (Industrial building)
Arcadia, South Carolina (Populated place)
Arsenal Hill (Industrial building)
Ball Theater (Theater)
Ballentine, South Carolina (Populated place)
Balwearie (House)
Blink Bonnie (House)
Bon Haven (House)
Bonham House (House)
Boykin Mill Complex (Battle site)
Burton House (House)
Butler Family Cemetery (Military cemetery)
Camden Battlefield (Battle site)
Camden City Hall (City hall)
Camp Hill (House)
Capitol Center (Skyscraper)
Carter Hill (House)
Carver Theatre (Theater)
Cedar Bluff (House)
Center Theater (Theater)
Center Theater (Theater)
Claussen's Bakery (Industrial building)
Cleveland Law Range (Commercial building)
Clifton, South Carolina (Populated place)
Coateswood (House)
Columbia Canal (Power plant)
Columbia City Hall (City hall)
Consolidated Building (Commercial building)
Cool Springs (House)
Cornwell Inn (House)
Craig House (House)
Culp House (House)
Dr. Cyril O. Spann Medical Office (Commercial building)
Dudley, South Carolina (Populated place)
Duncan Theater (Theater)
Efrids Departments Store (Commercial building)
Elliott, South Carolina (Populated place)
Elmwood Cemetery (Cemetery)
Fishdam Ford (Structure)
Flint Hill (House)
Fox Theater (Theater)
Glendale, South Carolina (Populated place)
Glendale, South Carolina (Populated place)
Great Falls Depot (Railroad depot)
Hart House (House)
Hatton House (House)
Heath Springs Bus Depot (Miscellaneous)
High Point (House)
Hillside (House)
Horatio, South Carolina (Populated place)
Hornsboro, South Carolina (Populated place)
Hotel Oregon (Hotel)
House of Peace Synagogue (Place of worship)
Hunstanton (House)
Hunter House (House)
J. L. Coker Company Building (Commercial building)
Kershaw Depot (Railroad depot)
Kress Building (Commercial building)
Kumler Hall (Meeting hall)
Lace House (House)
Lancaster Cotton Oil Company (Industrial building)
Lancaster County Jail (Correctional facility)
Lando School (School)
Lenoir Store (Commercial building)
Lever Building (Commercial building)
Lewis Inn (Building)
Little Theater (Theater)
Logan School (School)
Lucknow, South Carolina (Populated place)
Lugoff, South Carolina (Populated place)
Manetta Mill Company Store (Commercial building)
Manor, The (Mansion)
Mayfair (House)
Means House (House)
Memorial Hall (School)
Meng House (House)
Merridun (House)
Monroe City Hall (City hall)
Mount Hope (House)
Mountville, South Carolina (Populated place)
Old Courthouse (Courthouse)
Orange Grove (House)
Owen Building (Building)
Pacolet Mill Office (Commercial building)
Pageland Gym (Building)
Pageland Water Tower (Water tower)
Parr Place Apartments (Residential building)
Patrick Depot (Railroad depot)
Piedmont Buggy Factory (Industrial building)
Pinckneyville (Archaeological site)
Pine Ridge, South Carolina (Populated place)
Pomaria (House)
Price's Post Office (Post office)
Prosperity Depot (Railroad depot)
Rialto Theater (Theater)
Rion, South Carolina (Populated place)
Ritz Theater (Theater)
Robinson-Hiller House (Commercial building)
Rock Hill Body Company (Industrial building)
Rodman, South Carolina (Populated place)
Roebuck, South Carolina (Populated place)
Rose Hill (House)
Ruff's Chapel (Church)
Rural Point (House)
Sadler Store (Commercial building)
Saluda Library (Library)
Saluda Theatre (Theater)
Schuyler Apartments (Residential building)
Seaboard Air Line Depot (Railroad depot)
Shelton Home (House)
South Carolina Statehouse (Capitol building)
Southern Railway Depot (Railroad depot)
Spartanburg Union Station (Railroad depot)
Spratt Cemetery (Cemetery)
Spring Hill, South Carolina (Populated place)
Spring Hill, South Carolina (Populated place)
Stone Manufacturing Company (Industrial building)
Summer Brothers Stores (Commercial building)
Sylvia Theater (Theater)
Tall Oaks (House)
Taylor House (House)
The Oaks (House)
Tillman Hall (School)
Timberhouse (House)
Tocaland (House)
Una, South Carolina (Populated place)
Una, South Carolina (Populated place)
Union County Jail (Correctional facility)
Union Theater (Theater)
US Courthouse (Courthouse)
US Post Office (Post office)
Valencia (House)
W. E. Cannon House and Store (Commercial building)
W. L. Hill Store (Commercial building)
Walker Hall (School)
Westville, South Carolina (Populated place)
White House (House)
White Stone, South Carolina (Populated place)
Wilson House (Correctional facility)
Winnsboro Town Clock and Market (Commercial building)