Providence, Rhode Island, 7.5-minute Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

American Brewing Company Plant (Industrial building)
Arcade, The (Commercial building)
Art's Auto (Commercial building)
Atlantic Mills Gasholder House (Industrial building)
Aylesworth Apartments (Residential building)
Belton Court (House)
Burrows Block (Meeting hall)
Butler Hospital (Building)
Cappelli, A. F., Block (Residential building)
Carpenter House (Residential building)
Columbus (Work of art)
Davol Rubber Company (Industrial building)
Elizabeth Building (Commercial building)
Federal Building (Courthouse)
Fifth Ward Wardroom (Meeting hall)
First Baptist Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Gilbane's Service Center Building (Commercial building)
Goff Farm (Farm)
Grace Church (Church)
Greystone Mill Historic District (Industrial building)
Hay and Owen Buildings (Commercial building)
Hope Block and Cheapside (Commercial building)
Jones Warehouses (Building)
Knightsville Meetinghouse (Place of worship)
Ladd Observatory (Building)
Louttit Laundry (Industrial building)
Luther House (House)
Manton, Rhode Island (Populated place)
Market House (Commercial building)
Martin House (House)
Mason, William P., House (Commercial building)
Mechanical Fabric Company (Industrial building)
Modern Diner (Diner)
Modern Diner (Commercial building)
New England Butt Company (Industrial building)
Newman Cemetery (Cemetery)
Norton House (House)
Oddfellow's Hall (Meeting hall)
Ontario Apartments (Residential building)
Perkins Buildings (Industrial building)
Providence Telephone Company (Commercial building)
Rhode Island Statehouse (Capitol building)
Rhode Island Tool Company (Industrial building)
Rosedale Apartments (Residential building)
Seekonk, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Shakespeare Hall (Meeting hall)
Shepard Company Building (Commercial building)
Short's Tavern (Residential building)
Slater Park (House)
Sons of Jacob Synagogue (Place of worship)
South Street Station (Power plant)
Temple Beth-El (Place of worship)
Union Station (Railroad depot)
West Side Diner (Commercial building)
Westcote (House)
White, Josephine, Block (Residential building)