Gloucester, Massachusetts, 1:100,000-Scale Quadrangle


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Landmarks within this quadrangle

Abbot Hall (City hall)
Agawam Diner (Diner)
Ann's Diner (Diner)
Bailey House (House)
Beauport (House)
Beauport (House)
Bowker Place (Commercial building)
Boxford, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Brown House (House)
Brown's Manor (Mansion)
Caldwell Block (Commercial building)
Castle Hill (Hotel)
Centennial Hall (Meeting hall)
Centerville, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Choate Bridge (Bridge)
City Hall (City hall)
Dalton House (House)
Dodge Building (Industrial building)
Drake Farm (House)
Dudley House (House)
Essex, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Exeter, New Hampshire (Populated place)
First Church (Church)
Fowler House (House)
Gloucester Net and Twine Company (Industrial building)
Gott House (House)
Hamilton Hall (City hall)
Hamilton, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Hampton, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Hose House No. 2 (Fire station)
Howe Barn (Barn)
Isle of Shoals (District)
Isles of Shoals (District)
Larch Farm (Farm)
Lowell's Boat Shop (Industrial building)
Magnolia, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Manchester, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Marblehead Light (Lighthouse)
Marblehead, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Odd Fellows' Hall (Meeting hall)
Old Castle (Castle)
Old Farm (Farm)
Old Town House (City hall)
Peabody City Hall (City hall)
Peabody Museum of Salem (Commercial building)
Puritan House (Commercial building)
Ross Tavern (House)
Rye Beach, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Salem Diner (Diner)
Salem Laundry (Commercial building)
Sawyer House (House)
Seabrook, New Hampshire (Populated place)
Second O'Shea Building (Commercial building)
Shepard Block (Commercial building)
Smith House (House)
Sutton Block (Meeting hall)
The Beach Club (Miscellaneous)
Topsfield, Massachusetts (Populated place)
Turner Hill (House)
US Customhouse (Commercial building)
USS New Hampshire (Military facility)
Wade House (House)
Wenham, Massachusetts (Populated place)
YMCA (Commercial building)