Private owner

Peter Dierks House (Clinton County, Iowa)
Peter Dunn House (Mercer County, Kentucky)
Peter Ehle House (Montgomery County, New York)
Peter F. Armistead Sr., House (Lauderdale County, Alabama)
Peter F. Rhoads House (Licking County, Ohio)
Peter Farthelos House (Summit County, Utah)
Peter Francisco House (Buckingham County, Virginia)
Peter Fullenwielder House (Shelby County, Kentucky)
Peter G. Thomson House (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Peter G. Van Winkle House (Wood County, West Virginia)
Peter Gano House (Los Angeles County, California)
Peter Garretson House (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Peter Gendron House (Lucas County, Ohio)
Peter Gideon Farmhouse (Hennepin County, Minnesota)
Peter Gregory House (Boone County, Kentucky)
Peter Hansen House (Sanpete County, Utah)
Peter Hansen House (Hughes County, South Dakota)
Peter Harvey House and Barn (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Peter Houghtaling Farm and Lime Kiln (Greene County, New York)
Peter House (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Peter Huyler House (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Peter J. Bontadelli House (Monterey County, California)
Peter J. Paulsen House (Scott County, Iowa)
Peter J. Sowers House (Marion County, Missouri)
Peter Jeppesen House (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Peter Johansen House (Emery County, Utah)
Peter Johnson House (Racine County, Wisconsin)
A two-story, Queen Anne, wood-frame house
Peter Joplin Commercial Block (Garland County, Arkansas)
Peter Kemble House (Morris County, New Jersey)
Peter Kirk Building (King County, Washington)
Peter Kremer House (Faribault County, Minnesota)
Peter L. and Emma Hershey Homestead (Pierce County, Washington)
Peter L. Cherry House (Clatsop County, Oregon)
Peter Lofland House (Kent County, Delaware)
Peter Mason House (Boyle County, Kentucky)
Peter Mauseth House (Codington County, South Dakota)
Peter McCourt House (Denver County, Colorado)
Peter McEwan Warehouse (Rock County, Wisconsin)
Peter Mott House (Camden County, New Jersey)
Peter of P. Grossnickel Farm (Frederick County, Maryland)
Peter P. Kilstofte Farmstead (Pine County, Minnesota)
Peter P. Post House (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Peter Pan Apartments (Salt Lake County, Utah)
Peter Paul House (Rockingham County, Virginia)
Peter Paul Shule Barn (Dickson County, Tennessee)
Peter Peterson House (Door County, Wisconsin)
Peter Quarnberg House (Millard County, Utah)
Peter Range Stone House (Washington County, Tennessee)
Peter Rickard Farmstead (Benton County, Oregon)
Peter S. Faucett House (Sussex County, Delaware)
Peter Schrock Jr., Farm (Butler County, Ohio)
Peter Schulderman House (Pacific County, Washington)
Peter Simmons House (Franklin County, Tennessee)
Peter Smith Farm--Donation Land Claim (Pierce County, Washington)
Peter Smyth House (Washington County, Arkansas)
Peter Speck House (Berkeley County, West Virginia)
Peter Spicker House (Berks County, Pennsylvania)
Peter Stauer House (Clayton County, Iowa)
Peter Van Dyke House (Lapeer County, Michigan)
Peter W. Printup Plantation (Greene County, Georgia)
Peter Wanner Mansion (Berks County, Pennsylvania)
Peter Wentz Homestead (Montgomery County, Pennsylvania)
Peter Wentz House (Utah County, Utah)
Peter Westervelt House and Barn (Bergen County, New Jersey)
Peter Wise House (Holmes County, Ohio)
Peter Yawger House (Cayuga County, New York)
Peter Yegen House (Yellowstone County, Montana)
Peter's Point Plantation (Charleston County, South Carolina)
Peterborough Unitarian Church (Hillsborough County, New Hampshire)
Peters Cartridge Company (Warren County, Ohio)
Peters House (St. Louis County, Missouri)
Peters House (Boone County, Kentucky)
Peters House (Knox County, Tennessee)
Peters Paper Company Warehouse (Denver County, Colorado)
Peters Shoe Company Building (St. Louis, Missouri)
Peters' Barber Shop (Scott County, Iowa)
Peters, John, House (Hancock County, Maine)
Peters--Graham House (Greene County, Pennsylvania)
Peters-Kupferschmid House (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Petersburg Breakthrough Battlefield (Dinwiddie County, Virginia)
Petersburg Mill (Carroll County, Ohio)
Petersburg Tollhouse (Somerset County, Pennsylvania)
Petersburgh United Methodist Church (Rensselaer County, New York)
Petersen Apartments (Lane County, Oregon)
Peterson House (Alameda County, California)
Peterson House (Gallatin County, Montana)
Peterson Manufacturing Building (Henry County, Iowa)
Peterson--Burr House (Sevier County, Utah)
Peterson--Wilbanks House (Toombs County, Georgia)
Peterson-Biddick Seed and Feed Company (Wadena County, Minnesota)
Peterstown House (Monroe County, Illinois)
Petitfils--Boos House (Los Angeles County, California)
Petoskey Downtown Historic District (Emmet County, Michigan)
Petoskey Grocery Company Building (Emmet County, Michigan)
Petrelli--DelPizzo House (Boulder County, Colorado)
Petrie House (Garrard County, Kentucky)
Petrified Sea Gardens (Saratoga County, New York)
Petroglyph Site AZ U 1:165 (Maricopa County, Arizona)
Petroleum Building (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Pettegrove, Joshua, House (Washington County, Maine)
Pettengill House and Farm (Cumberland County, Maine)
Pettengill, C. F., House (Norfolk County, Massachusetts)
Petterson, Lars--Adolph Carlson Three-Decker (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Petterson, Lars--Fred Gurney Three-Decker (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Petterson, Lars--Silas Archer Three-Decker (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Petterson,Lars--James Reidy Three-Decker (Worcester County, Massachusetts)
Pettey House (Hays County, Texas)
Pettibone Farm (Berkshire County, Massachusetts)
Pettigrew Barns (Moody County, South Dakota)
Pettigru Street Historic District (Greenville County, South Carolina)
Pettingill-Morron House (Peoria County, Illinois)
Pettit Cleaners Building (Cowley County, Kansas)
Pettit Memorial Chapel (Boone County, Illinois)
Pettit's Ford (York County, Pennsylvania)
Petty House (Fall River County, South Dakota)
Petty-Roberts-Beatty House (Barbour County, Alabama)
An historic octagonal house in Clayton, Alabama.
Petworth Gardens (Washington, District of Columbia)
Pevely Dairy Company Buildings (St. Louis, Missouri)
Peyton Cooke House (Warren County, Kentucky)
Peyton Building and Peyton Annex (Spokane County, Washington)
Peyton House (Hinds County, Mississippi)
Peyton Randolph House (Williamsburg, Virginia)
Peyton-Ellington Building (Charlottesville, Virginia)
Pfarr Log House (Clermont County, Ohio)
Pfau-Creighton Cottage (Mobile County, Alabama)
Pfeifer Brothers Department Store (Pulaski County, Arkansas)
Pfeiffer House (Independence County, Arkansas)
Pfeiffer House and Carriage House (Clay County, Arkansas)
Pfeiffer Junior College Historic District (Stanly County, North Carolina)
Pfeiffer--Wheeler American Chestnut Cabin (Cattaraugus County, New York)
Pfleger Family Houses (Hamilton County, Ohio)
Pharo House (New Castle County, Delaware)
Pharr Cabin (Benton County, Arkansas)
Pharr-Callaway-Sethness House (Wilkes County, Georgia)
Pharrsdale Historic District (Mecklenburg County, North Carolina)
Pheba Historic District (Clay County, Mississippi)
Phelan Park Historic District (Jefferson County, Alabama)
Phelps Country Estate (Jasper County, Missouri)
Phelps County Jail (Phelps County, Missouri)
Two story stone block jail
Phelps Farms Historic District (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Phelps Hotel (Deuel County, Nebraska)
Phelps House (Aiken County, South Carolina)
Phelps Library, Shattuck School (Rice County, Minnesota)
Phelps Mansion (Broome County, New York)
Phelps, Arah, Inn (Litchfield County, Connecticut)
Phelps, Capt. Elisha, House (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Phelps, Eli, House (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Phelps, Ezekiel, House (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Phelps-Jones House (Madison County, Alabama)
Phi Delta Theta Chapter House (Alameda County, California)
Phi Delta Theta Fraternity House (Champaign County, Illinois)
Phi Delta Theta Fraternity House (Lancaster County, Nebraska)
Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity House (Hennepin County, Minnesota)
Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity House (Lancaster County, Nebraska)
Phi Mu Sorority House (Champaign County, Illinois)
Phieffer House (Bastrop County, Texas)
Phil Hoffman House (Mahaska County, Iowa)
Philadelphia Church of Christ (Warren County, Tennessee)
Philadelphia College of Art (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Philadelphia Contributionship (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Philadelphia Historic District (Neshoba County, Mississippi)
Philadelphia Methodist Church (Izard County, Arkansas)
Philadelphia Racquet Club (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Philadelphia Savings Fund Society Building (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Philadelphia School of Design for Women (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Philadelphia School of Occupational Therapy (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Philadelphia Stock Exchange (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousel Number 15 (Rockland County, New York)
Removed from the Palisades Mall in 2009, present whereabouts unknown
Philadelphia Watch Case Company Building (Burlington County, New Jersey)
Philadelphia Wholesales Drug Company Building (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Philadelphus Presbyterian Church (Robeson County, North Carolina)
Philanthropic Hall, Davidson College (Mecklenburg County, North Carolina)
Philbrook Farm Inn (Coos County, New Hampshire)
Philbrook, John M., House (Oxford County, Maine)
Philbrook, Samuel D., House (Oxford County, Maine)
Philcade Building (Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Philemon Sage House (Berkshire County, Massachusetts)
Philetus S. Church House (Chippewa County, Michigan)
Philetus Swift House (Ontario County, New York)
Philetus W. Norris House (Wayne County, Michigan)
Philip and Addie Ellis Eberhardt Farmstead (Fillmore County, Nebraska)
Philip and Ella Morr House (Ravalli County, Montana)
Philip and Uriah Arter Farm (Carroll County, Maryland)
Philip Arnold House (Hardin County, Kentucky)
Philip Buehner House (Multnomah County, Oregon)
Philip Carey Building (Mecklenburg County, North Carolina)
Philip Christman House (Berks County, Pennsylvania)
Philip D. Armour III, House (Lake County, Illinois)
Philip Dougherty House (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Philip Dougherty Tavern (Chester County, Pennsylvania)