National Forest Service

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Abandoned Route 66 - Ash Fork Hill (Coconino County, Arizona)
Abandoned Route 66 - Parks (1921) (Coconino County, Arizona)
Abandoned Route 66 - Parks (1931) (Coconino County, Arizona)
Adams Camp Ranger Station (Idaho County, Idaho)
Historic ranger station now used as rental cabin.
Aguayo Family Homestead (Lincoln County, New Mexico)
Ah Toy Garden (Idaho County, Idaho)
Alaska Central Railroad: Tunnel No. 1 (Kenai Peninsula Borough, Alaska)
Alexander Lake Shelter Cabin (Hoonah-Angoon Census Area, Alaska)
Alice Creek Historic District (Lewis and Clark County, Montana)
Allison Ranger Station (Harney County, Oregon)
Alta Ranger Station (Ravalli County, Montana)
Ambrose Point Lookout (Ravalli County, Montana)
American Flag Post Office Ranch (Pinal County, Arizona)
Anderson Butte Lookout (Idaho County, Idaho)
L-4 with catwalk on a 53' timber tower
Anderson Lodge (Park County, Wyoming)
Ant Flat Ranger Station (Lincoln County, Montana)
Antelope Mountain Lookout (Grant County, Oregon)
30' treated timber tower with R-6 flat cab, moved to this site in 1974
Antlers Guard Station (Baker County, Oregon)
Antone Guard Station (Beaverhead County, Montana)
Anvil Lake Campground Shelter (Vilas County, Wisconsin)
Apache Maid Lookout (Coconino County, Arizona)
14'x14' metal CL-100 series cab on a 30' metal tower
Arctic Point Fire Lookout (Idaho County, Idaho)
Arid Peak Lookout (Shoshone County, Idaho)
Arrowhead Lodge (Larimer County, Colorado)
Ashcroft, Colorado (Pitkin County, Colorado)
Atascosa Lookout House (Santa Cruz County, Arizona)
Auditor's Building Complex (Washington, District of Columbia)
Austin Pass Warming Hut (Whatcom County, Washington)
Austin Ridge Lookout (Idaho County, Idaho)
Ava Ranger Station Historic District (Douglas County, Missouri)
Avery Ranger Station (Shoshone County, Idaho)
Aztec Peak Lookout (Gila County, Arizona)
steel tower with flat roof steel 14' x 14' CL-100 cab
Badger Mountain Lookout (Douglas County, Washington)
Bagby Guard Station (Clackamas County, Oregon)
Baker Butte Lookout (Gila County, Arizona)
R-3 12'x12' wooden live in cab on a 30' Aermotor MC-24 metal tower
Baker Highway Maintenance Station (Tuolumne County, California)
Balancing Rock Lookout (Clearwater County, Idaho)
Bald Butte Lookout (Lake County, Oregon)
Bald Butte Lookout (Harney County, Oregon)
41' treated timber tower with R-6 flat cab. Condemned.
Bald Mountain Lookout (Custer County, Idaho)
Bald Mountain Lookout (Latah County, Idaho)
Baldwin Estate (El Dorado County, California)
Baldy Mountain Lookout (Lincoln County, Montana)
Bar Gulch Cabin (Broadwater County, Montana)
Bard Springs Bathhouse (Polk County, Arkansas)
Bard Springs Dam No. 1 (Polk County, Arkansas)
Bard Springs Dam No. 2 (Polk County, Arkansas)
Bard Springs Picnic Shelter (Polk County, Arkansas)
Bare Cone Lookout (Ravalli County, Montana)
Barfoot Lookout Complex (Cochise County, Arizona)
Barton Cabin (Idaho County, Idaho)
Barton Knob Fire Tower (Randolph County, West Virginia)
steel tower with 7'x7' steel cab
Basin Butte Lookout (Custer County, Idaho)
Basin Creek Cabin (Flathead County, Montana)
Battery Rock (Hardin County, Illinois)
Bay Furnace (Alger County, Michigan)
Bear Creek Point Lookout (Valley County, Idaho)
Bear Creek Ranger Station (Madison County, Montana)
Bear Mountain Fire Lookout (Idaho County, Idaho)
1922 log cabin with 1951 L-4 tower
Bear Mountain Lookout (Greenlee County, Arizona)
46' LX-25 Aermotor tower with 7'x7' metal cab
Bear Mountain Lookout Complex (Greenlee County, Arizona)
Bear Valley Lookout (Valley County, Idaho)
Bear Valley Lookout (Valley County, Idaho)
Beaver Creek Ranger Station (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Beaver Lake Dam (Hoonah-Angoon Census Area, Alaska)
Benchmark Work Center (Lewis and Clark County, Montana)
Bend Skyliners Lodge (Deschutes County, Oregon)
Bergland Administrative Site (Ontonagon County, Michigan)
Bering Expedition Landing Site (Valdez-Cordova Census Area, Alaska)
Berray Mountain Lookout (Sanders County, Montana)
Big Baldy Lookout (Valley County, Idaho)
Big Butte Lookout (Asotin County, Washington)
Big Creek Baldy Lookout (Lincoln County, Montana)
Big Creek Baldy Lookout (Lincoln County, Montana)
Big Creek Commissary (Valley County, Idaho)
Big Elk Guard Station (Jackson County, Oregon)
Big Falls Inn (Fremont County, Idaho)
Big Gap Flume (Mariposa County, California)
Big Hole Peak Lookout (Sanders County, Montana)
Big Prairie Ranger Station (Powell County, Montana)
Big Shaheen Cabin (Hoonah-Angoon Census Area, Alaska)
Big Springs Lookout Tower (Coconino County, Arizona)
Big Springs Ranger Station (Coconino County, Arizona)
Bill Williams Mountain Lookout (Coconino County, Arizona)
Aermotor MC-39 tower
Billy Meadows Guard Station (Wallowa County, Oregon)
Biltmore Forest School (Transylvania County, North Carolina)
Birch Creek CCC Camp (Beaverhead County, Montana)
Bishop Mountain Lookout (Fremont County, Idaho)
Black Bear Guard Station (Flathead County, Montana)
Black Butte Cabin (Madison County, Montana)
Black Butte Lookout (Jefferson County, Oregon)
D-6 cupola ground house
Black Mountain Lookout (Clearwater County, Idaho)
Black Mountain Lookout Cabin (Catron County, New Mexico)
Blacky Foster House (Idaho County, Idaho)
Bloody Dick Guard Station (Beaverhead County, Montana)
Blue Bend Forest Camp (Greenbrier County, West Virginia)
Blue Lookout (Greenlee County, Arizona)
32' Aermotor MC-24 tower with a 12'x12' live-in cab
Blue Mountain Lookout (Lincoln County, Montana)
Blue Nose Lookout (Lemhi County, Idaho)
Bluewater Lookout Complex (Otero County, New Mexico)
Bly Ranger Station (Klamath County, Oregon)
Boiling Springs Guard Station (Valley County, Idaho)
Bonaparte Mountain Cabin (Okanogan County, Washington)
Boreas Railroad Station Site (Unspecified county, Colorado)
Bowerman Barn (Trinity County, California)
Breitenbush Guard Station (Marion County, Oregon)
Historic ranger station destroyed by fire in 2000
Brickett Place (Oxford County, Maine)
Brow Monument (Coconino County, Arizona)
Brush Creek Work Center (Carbon County, Wyoming)
Buck Mountain Lookout Tower (Coconino County, Arizona)
Buckeye Vista Overlook (Polk County, Arkansas)
Buckhorn Mountain Lookout (Wallowa County, Oregon)
Bull River Guard Station (Sanders County, Montana)
Burnt Knob Lookout (Idaho County, Idaho)
Burton Peak Lookout (Boundary County, Idaho)
Butte Falls Ranger Station (Jackson County, Oregon)
Butterfly Lodge (Apache County, Arizona)
Butts Point Creek Fire Lookout (Idaho County, Idaho)
C. Hart Merriam Base Camp Site (Coconino County, Arizona)
Cabin Creek Guard Station (Teton County, Montana)
Cabin Creek Ranch (Valley County, Idaho)
Cabin Lake Guard Station (Lake County, Oregon)
Cache Creek Ranch (Wallowa County, Oregon)
Callie Furnace (Botetourt County, Virginia)
Camp Clearfork Historic District (Garland County, Arkansas)
Camp Clover Ranger Station (Coconino County, Arizona)
Camp Lee Canyon (Clark County, Nevada)
Camp Paxson Boy Scout Camp (24MO77) (Missoula County, Montana)
Canelo Ranger Station (Santa Cruz County, Arizona)
Canyon Creek Charcoal Kilns (Beaverhead County, Montana)
Canyon Creek Station (Beaverhead County, Montana)
Cape Horn Guard Station (Custer County, Idaho)
Carey Dome Fire Lookout (Idaho County, Idaho)
Carmichael Guard Station (Lewis and Clark County, Montana)
Carpenter Mountain Lookout (Lane County, Oregon)
L-4 ground cab
Carrisa Lookout Complex (Otero County, New Mexico)
Carter Mansion (Idaho County, Idaho)
Cascade Locks Work Center (Hood River County, Oregon)
Castle Butte Lookout (Idaho County, Idaho)
Catherine Furnace (Page County, Virginia)
Cayton Guard Station (Mesa County, Colorado)
CCC Company 749 Powder Magazine (Yell County, Arkansas)
Cedar Guard Station No. 1019 (Josephine County, Oregon)
Cedar Snags (Shoshone County, Idaho)
Celadon Slope Garden (Idaho County, Idaho)
Centennial Work Center (Albany County, Wyoming)
Chair Point Lookout (Idaho County, Idaho)
1931 log cabin, 1980 R-6 flat cab with catwalk on a 41' timber tower
Charcoal Kilns (Lemhi County, Idaho)
Charlton Bathhouse (Garland County, Arkansas)
Charlton Spillway-Dam (Garland County, Arkansas)
Charter Oak Mine and Mill (Powell County, Montana)
Chatter Creek Guard Station (Chelan County, Washington)
Chelan Butte Lookout (Chelan County, Washington)
Chenocetah Fire Tower (Habersham County, Georgia)
Chi-Sandra Garden (Idaho County, Idaho)
Chicken Peak Lookout (Idaho County, Idaho)
Chik Wauk Lodge (Cook County, Minnesota)
Chinese Cemetery (Idaho County, Idaho)
Christmas Creek Ranch (Wallowa County, Oregon)
CHUGACH (Ranger Boat) (Petersburg Borough, Alaska)
Cima Park Fire Guard Station (Cochise County, Arizona)
Circle C Ranch (Idaho County, Idaho)
Former ranch house now used as USFS administrative site.
Clarke Mountain Lookout (Clearwater County, Idaho)
Clarksville Iron Furnace (Unicoi County, Tennessee)
Clear Springs Recreation Area (Franklin County, Mississippi)
Clearwater Guard Station (Garfield County, Washington)
Clearwater Lookout (Garfield County, Washington)
Cloud Cap Inn (Hood River County, Oregon)
Cogburn Dipping Vat (Montgomery County, Arkansas)
Colcord Lookout (Gila County, Arizona)
83' steel tower with 14' x 14' CL-100 series metal flat roof cab
Cold Meadows Guard Station (Idaho County, Idaho)
Cold Spring (Scott County, Arkansas)
Cold Springs Cabin (Clearwater County, Idaho)
College Creek Ranger Station (Wallowa County, Oregon)
Collier Springs Shelter (Montgomery County, Arkansas)
Columbine Work Station (Graham County, Arizona)
Conrad Peak Lookout (Shoshone County, Idaho)
Coolwater Lookout (Idaho County, Idaho)
gable-roof L-4 cab (1931), hip-roof L-4 with catwalk on a 10' wood tower (1953)
Cooper Ridge Lookout Tree (Coconino County, Arizona)
Copper Creek Guard Station (Yavapai County, Arizona)
Cordova Ranger Station (Valdez-Cordova Census Area, Alaska)
Corral Lake Lookout Tree (Coconino County, Arizona)
Cottage Iron Furnace (Estill County, Kentucky)
Cottonwood Point Lookout (Custer County, Idaho)
Cougar Peak Lookout (Sanders County, Montana)
Council Ranger Station (Adams County, Idaho)
Cove Lake Bathhouse (Logan County, Arkansas)