Conover and Porter

Allan Darst Conover was a professor of engineering and building construction at the University of Wisconsin in the 1880s. He worked with Henry Koch, a noted architect from Milwaukee, in the design of the Science Hall on the UW campus in 1884 and became interested in architecture.

He began to practice architecture the following year while continuing to teach. A former student of his, Lew Porter, came into the firm as a partner. Conover & Porter designed government buildings, banks, churches, residences and other commercial buildings, many of which still stand and many are on historical registries.

Before the firm dissolved in 1899, a number of young architects worked for Conover & Porter, including a very young Frank Lloyd Wright.

Conover & Porter were based in Madison, but also had offices in Ashland and Baraboo.

Christian Dick Block (Dane County, Wisconsin)
Security Savings Bank (Ashland County, Wisconsin)
Richardsonian Romanesque bank built in 1889 in brick and brownstone