Self-taught Art

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The artisans in this category had no formal training in art, it was something they felt a drive to start, perhaps later in life, or in retirement, because they had the fire inside them to create these magnificent collections.

Some sites are left out of this listing, like the Mary Knoll Art Environment, because Mary Knoll was an educated artist by trade.

--J.R. Manning

Chauvin Sculpture Garden & Art (Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana)
Work of self-taught artisan, Kenny Hill, gifted to Nicholls State University Art Studio
Dickeyville Grotto (Grant County, Wisconsin)
The work of a self-taught artisan, the Dickeyville Grotto is a collection of concrete sculptures, structures and shrines dedicated to God and patriotism.
Ernest Hüpeden's Painted Forest (Sauk County, Wisconsin)
Simple white frame building with walls and ceiling covered with murals
Forevertron (Sauk County, Wisconsin)
World's Largest Scrap Iron Sculpture
Grandview (Iowa County, Wisconsin)
A sculpture garden created by Nick and Katherine Englebert from 1937 through the 1950s.
Grotto of the Redemption (Palo Alto County, Iowa)
Hartman Rock Garden (Clark County, Ohio)
The work of self-taught artisan, Harry George “Ben” Hartman
Itasca Rock Garden (Freeborn County, Minnesota)
The creation of a self-taught artisan
James Tellen Woodland Sculpture Garden (Sheboygan County, Wisconsin)
Whimsical collection of concrete sculptures in an outdoor art environment
Jurustic Park (Marathon County, Wisconsin)
An outdoor gallery of the sculptures of Clyde Wynia
Klatt's Miniature Village (Waukesha County, Wisconsin)
Langlais Sculpture Preserve (Knox County, Maine)
90 acre homestead of self-taught artisan, Bernard “Blackie” Langlais, and his wife Helen
M.T. Liggett's Political Sculptures (Kiowa County, Kansas)
Fanciful artwork of the late M.T. Liggett
Martha Timm Rock Garden (Chickasaw County, Iowa)
Artwork by a self-taught artisan, moved to Mikkelson Park.
Pasaquan (Marion County, Georgia)
Seven acre site consisting of the work of a self-taught artisan
Paul & Matilda Wegner Grotto (Monroe County, Wisconsin)
An extraordinary sculpture environment by Paul and Matilda Wegner on their farm
Prairie Moon Sculpture Garden & Museum (Buffalo County, Wisconsin)
Lifetime collection of a self-taught artisan; Restored by the Kohler Foundation in 1994
Rudolph Garden Grotto and Wonder Cave (Wood County, Wisconsin)
A European-style shrine that includes acres of gardens, bridges, paths, and sculptures
Sisson's Peony Gardens (Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin)
Former commercial nursery specializing in peonies, now a landmark garden.
Whirligig Park (Wilson County, North Carolina)
Collection of whirligigs built by Vollis Simpson
Wisconsin Concrete Park (Price County, Wisconsin)
Sculpture garden of self-taught artisan, Fred Smith